Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2021

Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is not especially prominent this year, Sagittarius. You seem blas6 about love and commitment, totally unconcerned about them.

Home, finances and personal pleasures are more important to you than marriage. With the Cosmos pushing you neither one way nor another, you have a lot of freedom in love this year -which is the way you like things. By nature you tend to be fickle in love.

That is, you want your lover to be many different things to you at different times. You like to express love in a variety of ways – depending on where Mercury happens to be at a given time.

This trend continues this year. You are calling the shots in relationships. Others have to bend to your will and desires.

You have unusual power to assert yourself and your personal needs this year, and there always seem to be plenty of prospective partners who are willing to do this. An embarrassment of riches is the phrase that springs to mind.

You seem to think ‘there are many fish in the sea and only those who meet my whim of the moment need be considered’. No, you are not mistreating your friends and lovers. On the contrary, you are more generous than ever.

It’s just that you don’t value them as much as you could. Your real love this year is yourself. Nothing wrong with that – on the contrary, until you love yourself fully you will not be able to love another. So continue loving yourself and when you are ready, see the other as an extension of your own self whom you love so deeply.

With your 7th House relatively inactive. Mercury’s quick and ever-changing movements and aspects are going to determine how your love life goes this year. When Mercury moves at its highest velocity your love life accelerates and your social confidence is high.

When Mercury slows down you become more cautious in love. When it goes backwards – which happens three times a year – you actually feel that your relationships are going backwards.

When Mercury is in one Sign you want one thing from your lover; when it moves into another Sign you want something else.

Those involved with a Sagittarius should take note of this. You can read about these short-term trends in the month-by-month forecasts below.

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