Horoscope Virgo 2021

Predictions Virgo 2021

Although you may still be making adjustments for changes, you’re standing on firmer ground during 2021. Planning for the future is a factor, and you may be considering innovative or unusual methods to achieve your dreams. This is a good year to put your best resources to work and to find new ways to optimize your potential, personally and professionally.
Jupiter’s energy highlights the quadrant of your chart that represents benefits through others and expansion of opportunity due to support from outside influences. Last year, while Jupiter transited in opposition to your Sun, you were tempted to over-obligate your time and energy. You may have improved your personal relationships as a result. But if you’re still scurrying about trying to keep everyone happy, it’s time to become more balanced.
This year, Jupiter spends most of its cycle transiting your solar Eighth House, marking an excellent chance to get in touch with intimacy issues and deeper psychological needs. Your relationships may provide more comprehensive support. Showing your appreciation is crucial if you are to experience true bounty. This is the time to learn about letting go of old attachments and discover the magic of opening the way for something more suitable to your growth.
If you receive an inheritance, the way you deal with your resources is especially consequential. During the summer months Jupiter’s energy highlights your solar Ninth House, when you may feel much more optimistic about your life direction.
Saturn finally completes its transit through your eighth house and moves into the Ninth House of your solar chart in March, where it will remain for the next two years. During this time you have a significant opening for study, travel, and reinforcement of your career path.
If your work involves teaching, writing, publishing, or advertising, this cycle can be especially beneficial. Probing into the deeper meanings of religion, spirituality, and cultural beliefs can be rather illuminating, and you are likely to rid yourself
of excessive idealism. There is a potential trap, though, that involves the possibility of becoming too judgmental or self-righteous. Dogmatic attitudes can actually work against you, since this period is not about closing your mind. Instead, it’s an exceptional time to forge a strong bond with truth.
The outer planets — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—have long- term influence. Uranus and Neptune are both transiting through your house of work and health, and it is during the next several years that you may uncover renewed vitality. Alternative and complementary healing methods may be effective, and may even shorten periods of physical distress.
Changes in your job are likely to be forthcoming, and are likely to center on new technology and visionary modifications that move you into the future. Pluto’s influence continues in your solar Fourth House, emphasizing a need to heal wounds in the family and to break away from attachments and traditions that undermine true support and stability.
The solar and lunar eclipses emphasize balance between mind, body, and soul. Incorporating your spiritual awareness into your work brings greater mindfulness into your everyday life. One of the lessons of this phase centers on surrendering to the ebb and flow of life—avoiding the tendency to paddle too intensely upstream. Although going with the flow may not be easy all the time, the path of least resistance may be the quickest and surest method of accomplishing what you desire.

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