Horoscope Taurus 2021

Predictions Taurus 2021

It’s not always easy to incorporate modifications into your life, but you might actually welcome many of the changes for 2021. In many ways, you’ve been preparing to step onto a more stable platform, and now you’11 feel more confident reaching toward new horizons.
By listening to your intuitive voice and following your inner guidance, you’re already aware of the shift in your consciousness.
Now it’s time to manifest it in the world around you.
This year, two important cycles begin which will influence your life. Although you had a preview of Saturn moving into Taurus for a brief period last year, it finally takes a solid step through its transit in your sign, where it will remain until the next year.
It’s been about 29 years since Saturn was in Taurus, and the importance of this cycle in helping you establish a more firmly rooted focus cannot be understated. This cycle represents testing, clarification, and responsibility, and the way you deal with these experiences sets the tone for the next three decades of your life. The most important year of this cycle occurs when Saturn makes the exact conjunction with your Sun (this will be fully defined according to your date of birth).
But through this entire period you may feel that you’re being both tested and strengthened as you determine what you want and set on the path that will help you accomplish the fulfillment of your greatest needs.
Jupiter makes a brief appearance in Taurus during the summer. However, from February 12 through June 28, and again from October 24 to December 31, Jupiter will be transiting in Aries, marking a period of inner preparation for you. This cycle is per-fect for getting in touch with your deeper spiritual nature, and it can be an excellent period of inner awareness and higher consciousness.
You may find it easier to take time to smell the roses during this cycle, because deeper meanings are more important now. By listening to the guidance of your inner voice, you’ll be better prepared to integrate the opportunities for growth and
abundance when Jupiter moves into Taurus (from June 28 until October 24). During the time Jupiter transits in your sun sign, your confidence increases, and you’re ready to reach beyond limitations toward your visions and hopes. You may not fully realize the promise of this period until next year, but you can see where you’re going this summer, and it’s time to clear the path.
The energies of the outer planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—have a veiy long-term influence. Uranus and Neptune are both traveling through your solar Tenth House of career and ambition, and as a result, your aims may be changing. Incorporating new technologies into your career plans can invigorate your imagination and creativity, and you may discover that embracing change leads to amazing opportunities. You may also instigate some innovations of your own, instead of just responding to changes beyond your control, and that can be really exciting! Pluto’s cycle through your solar Eighth House continues its process of helping you understand and deal with your deeper emotional issues.
This long cycle also marks an excellent time to do research or to probe into your soul’s history.
The solar and lunar eclipses of 2021 stimulate enhanced awareness of your need to maintain a balance between the demands of your career path and your home and family priorities. There may be crises within your family, or crisis-oriented alterations in your career that result in a changing of the guard.
A crisis is not necessarily bad. It can be a climax, an intensification of energy, and an awakening. It’s important that you develop a awareness of your inner security needs, and that you examine how you really feel about your home environment, family role, and sense of tradition.

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