Horoscope Pisces 2021

Predictions Pisces 2021

This is the year to put your visionary sensibilities into action.
You may still be riding high on the wave of confidence you experienced last year. By networking with others who share your interests and ideals, you can be quite satisfied with your accomplishments. Developing your communicative skills, sharpening your abilities, and strengthening your understanding are the tickets to your success.
Jupiter completes its transit in Pisces on February 12, and the optimism and hope you’ve built during the last year can form the foundation for reaching further during 2021. This year, Jupiter transits through the second house of your solar chart, indicating a period of strengthening your resources, and if you make good use of your resources — including time, money and energy—you’ll uncover the secret to maintaining a never-ending source of supply. Squandering your energy and resources creates a backlash effect, however.
Even if you don’t see it immediately, you can ultimately undermine your stability. For this reason, setting realistic goals, formulating a budget for spending, and determining your priorities become crucial to your personal security.
Saturn moves into your solar Third House, a cycle that lasts for a little more than two years. This influence heralds a positive time for educational pursuits, and whether you’re in a formal program of learning or studying on your own, you may find that your mind is hungry to know more, and that you’re not satisfied unless you’re filling that hunger.
Writing, public speaking, and other forms of communication can be improved. You may also feel more patient in situations that require you to teach or train others, and you may even relish the opportunity to influence and shape the lives of others, particularly young people.
The outer planets, which move slowly through the signs, are stimulating significant changes. Uranus and Neptune are both transiting through the part of your chart dealing with imagination, dreams and the realm of the etheric.
These long cycles can be illuminating, but you may have a little difficulty expressing your newfound understanding and expanded consciousness to everyone else. Pluto continues its travel through your solar Tenth House of career and ambition, helping you uncover the true path that will fulfill the longing of your soul. Your relationship with your parents may be transforming in a significant manner, and by dealing with issues around them you can free yourself of unresolved emotions.
Additionally, the motivations behind your career choices may also be tested during this period.
The solar and lunar eclipses can have a profound effect on your connection to your physical body. This is an excellent year to explore the balance between your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Your dreams may be exceptionally revealing near the time of the eclipses in February and July, and by being more attentive to these internal messages you’ll gain insights into the workings of your psyche. You may even experience revelations involving your psychic sensibilities.

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