Horoscope Libra 2021

Predictions Libra 2021

You may feel like dancing a jig, since much of the pressure and restraint you’ve felt for the last two years is finally lifting. With enhanced confidence and a sense that the sky’s the limit, you’re ready to set new goals and to surrender more fully to your creative aspirations.
Jupiter moves into Aries during 2021, a cycle complimenting your relationships and encouraging cooperation.
But it’s easy to take for granted the good graces and support of others, and unless you make a conscious effort to acknowledge their efforts and presence, you’ll undermine the mutual trust and integrity so crucial to a healthy relationship.
Your social sphere is also likely to widen this year, and whether you’re entertaining more frequently or simply enjoying opportunities to interact with others, this is a great time to broaden your connections. Determining what you want from partnerships is also part of this cycle, and you can become a bit unrealistic in your expectations unless you keep the lines of communication open.
If you’re doing that, then this is a fabulous year to make long-term commitments or to renew vows. You’ll also experience a period of enhanced prosperity during the summer months — a preview of Jupiter’s cycle for next year. Just remember that this does not mean you’re completely safe financially, but that you may be able to attract more substantial financial and emotional support from others.
Saturn finally leaves your solar Seventh House in March, and it will be transiting through the Eighth House of your solar chart for the next two years.
During this cycle, your attitudes toward money and finances become more realistic. Taxes, debts, insurance, and inheritance are all in the realm of this sector of your life, and you may feel tested in these areas.
Marriage and partnership commitments can be tested too, but at a deeper level—the level of trust and confidentiality. You’re challenged to explore your own fears and inhibitions surrounding intimacy. Relationships surviving this cycle can usually last, since you’re delving into the core of your attachment and exposing the underbelly of your desires and vulnerabilities. The alchemy of love changes you, alters your partnerships and exposes your deeper needs.
The slower-moving planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—are also making an impact in your life.
These energies spend a longer time in the various houses of your chart, and the changes you experience unfold more gradually. With the energies of Uranus and Neptune both traveling through your Fifth House, your artistic expression, need for play, and ability to open your heart are the keys to transcending the ordinary into the realm of uniquely realized fulfillment.
You’re experiencing the true magic of life. Children or experiences with them can also bring amazing changes during the next few years. Pluto continues its cycle in your solar Third House, enhancing your perceptive abilities and deepening your understanding of the mind and communication.
The solar and lunar eclipses draw your attention to the flow of love, and may stimulate a year of crisis in love relationships.
Crisis is not a bad thing—it’s simply a climax of energy, a peak experience. Your feelings about your friends may also change.
If you’ve been ignoring your creative muse, she’s singing strongly this year, and surrendering to the song of your heart can awaken completely new possibilities from your close relationships. If you discover your feelings have changed, a love relationship may also change or end. The important thing is to be true to your heart.

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