Horoscope Leo 2021

Predictions Leo 2021

The year 2021 inspires and challenges you. You’re ready to solidify your sense of purpose and express your creativity.
The best life has to offer comes with a price: you must make a dedicated effort to let abundance flow through your heart and into everything you do and say. Broaden your horizons. It’s time for you to step onto the stage of life with confidence, surrender to your vision, and watch it manifest around you.
Jupiter ignites renewed passion and hope as it travels through the Ninth and Tenth Houses of your solar chart. This can be a wonderful year for travel, educational pursuits, or new ways to embrace the deeper meaning of life.
During this year, Jupiter will make a trine aspect to your Sun, and through this influence you can attract more beneficial circumstances and make strides in achieving your aims. Your attitude may also be more easygoing, because opportunity knocks more readily during this cycle. Yet, if you take advantage of this period of expansion and growth and focus your energy toward accomplishing long-range goals, you can make significant strides that will serve you well into the next century.
Saturn moves into the Tenth House of your solar chart, marking a period of increased responsibility in your career and in your family. This cycle can be trying at times, if your responsibilities seem too heavy or inhibiting. If you’re clinging to situations, attitudes, or relationships that have outlived their usefulness, maintaining them may stress your energy and slow your progress.
You’re discovering how you stand in your own way, and whether or not you’re afraid of success. Release your anxiety, solidify your position, and strengthen your influence.
It can be rather freeing, although if you’re not yet ready for the task, it may take more than one try to accomplish your aims.
The slower-moving planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — provide their challenges, too, during 2021. Uranus and Neptune stimulate change in your relationships, especially concerning your
attitudes toward partnership. If you sense that you’re stifled by certain elements of your relationships, turn within to determine your deeper feelings. That may provide the direction and stimulation you need to make necessary changes.
Pluto’s energy helps you open the doors to your heart, allowing more love to flow into and through your life. Your creative and artistic abilities may flourish during the next several years, thanks to the breakthrough possibilities indicated by Pluto’s cycle. You may also feel especially drawn to work with children, and you can benefit immensely by using your influence to help shape the lives and creativity of others.
The solar and lunar eclipses are in the Leo-Aquarius axis this year. That means you’ll feel more aware of your deeper motivations, and that any situations brewing to a crisis are likely to reach their climax during the course of 2021. If you’re involved in a committed relationship, you may feel prompted to bring old issues to the table. There’s no fence-sitting allowed now; you’re ready to take a stand for your needs, and you can also be more open to acknowledging the needs of your partner.

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