Horoscope Gemini 2021

Predictions Gemini 2021

Even though you’re letting go of the things from your past that are no longer necessary to your growth, you’re also opening new horizons of possibility. Your imagination inspires you to follow your dreams, and there are ample opportunities to realize and manifest your vision.
2021 can be an amazing year for you. It’s one of those times when you can realize just how powerful your mind can be. It’s a time to focus your mind, open to new visions, and transform your life!
For the greater part of this year, Jupiter is transiting through the Eleventh House of your solar chart. This cycle symbolizes a time to become more aware of your goals, and if you couple your energy with your hopes you can accomplish amazing things. Friends may play a significant role, and you may discover that your influence in their lives is profound as well.
Additionally, since you’re likely to have more chances to advance in your career, you may feel much more satisfied with your work.
Special interests also take a more prominent role and can be the impetus for developing new relationships or diversifying your career in some way.
Saturn moves into the Twelfth House of your solar chart, marking a time of examining your past. Your dreams may be significant now—especially those dreams that seem to foretell change. Ifyou’re filled with anxiety it may be because some of the old structures you used to rely on for support are simply inadequate, unnecessary, or not there.
Face your fears. This process of gestation prior to your spiritual rebirth can be quite illuminating. You may also discover that some of those fears don’t even belong to you; they were instilled by someone else. Old feelings of shame or guilt may be dissolving, allowing you more energy for opening and growth.
The outer planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto —move very slowly. Uranus and Neptune are bringing their influence into the part of your life that links your mind to divine intelligence. You may be learning new things in unconventional ways for the next several years. Travel, education, language study, or cultural exchanges can play prominent roles.
Pluto’s cycle draws your attention to partnerships, and it is in this area that you may experience the greatest challenges.
Throughout 2021 and during the next several years, your healing continues. Different needs will emerge, dictating changes in relationships that will be required if you are to experience their ultimate possibilities.
The solar and lunar eclipses emphasize intellectual development, spiritual advancement, and a revamping of your philosophies.
Change your approach to learning and communication; it can yield amazing results, especially if you have an open mind. Gemini can also suffer difficulties in these areas, particularly if you fail to apply the necessary time and energy to transform your thinking.
Travel and study offer the potential for illuminating experiences, but there is a lesson to be learned if you’re seeking ultimate answers. Try to draw a line between the teacher and the teaching.

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