Horoscope Capricorn 2021

Predictions Capricorn 2021

Your creativity rises to the occasion during 2021, helping you build a solid foundation in the midst of change. This is the time to put your skills to use to manifest your hopes and dreams. Now that you’re moving beyond the obstacles that have challenged you during the last two years, you’re ready to concentrate on a new set of priorities that fit your needs and satisfy your ambitions.
With Jupiter transiting through the Fourth House of your solar chart, you may feel like you need more room in your personal environment. You may expand your personal space by moving, renovating, or redecorating. With a broader security base, you’ll feel more confident about taking steps to advance in your career.
Setting your aims high, you may also feel more optimistic, and you can attract others who seem to understand and appreciate what you have to offer. Because this cycle can also tempt you to overex- tend yourself, it’s also important to set reasonable limits, or you’re likely to overspend or become self-indulgent. Your family may also grow this year, and your role in the family can be enhanced.
The energy of Saturn, your planetary ruler, is moving away from the tense square aspect to your Sun and entering a cycle of support and strength. Transiting through the Fifth House of your solar chart, Saturn stimulates a sense of focused, creative self-expression. For the next two years, this energy helps you maintain your concentration and keep your priorities in alignment.
This is the time you put the old adage, practice makes perfect, to work for you—and it works beautifully! Whether you ‘re studying your craft with a master teacher, fine-tuning your abilities, or simply feeling more conscientious, you can become more adept and more satisfied with yourself. If you’re teaching, you may also attract gifted students, and you can help shape the talents, skills, and self-esteem of others.
The slower moving outer planets — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto— continue to have an impact. Uranus and Neptune are both traveling through your Second House, stimulating changes in your values. These cycles can upheave your finances, but they don’t necessarily indicate destructive results. In fact, the deeper indicators presented by these transits center on values that reach far beyond the material plane.
Innovations and alterations in the economic base impel you to take a more humanitarian, charitable approach to the way you handle money. Pluto’s cycle continues to emphasize a deep transformation in your connection to your inner self, healing from the inside out.
The solar and lunar eclipses emphasize a serious examination of your self-worth and values, and they may also bring repressed psychological issues to the surface. By examining the traumas from your past, releasing old pain, and letting go of useless inhibitions, you can experience a profound sense of healing. Crisis can center on intimacy in relationships, and if there are problems with your finances they may have their roots in your deeper feelings about loving and being loved.

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