Horoscope Cancer 2021

Predictions Cancer 2021

A cycle of advancement and recognition awaits during 2021, particularly if you’ve been diligent about setting the stage. After dealing with a series of restraints during the last few years, Cancer may finally feel weight lifting as you leave those barriers behind.
You still have adjustments, but most of them are likely due to the need to adapt to changing times and new paradigms. You’ll confirm your sense of security as you shake away the old and step toward a life of fulfillment.
Jupiter sweeps into your solar Tenth House this year, marking a period of growth and recognition in your career and in the outside world.
It’s been twelve years since Jupiter first moved into this sector in your chart, and if you really want to measure your progress and link cycles, take a look at what was happening twelve years ago. You may actually see some of the things you wanted to accomplish then coming to fruition now, but more importantly, you’re ready to take your life into a new dimension and achieve even more. You may also feel ready to tackle larger challenges, a drive growing stronger during the spring of 2021.
In the summer months, Jupiter peeks into your house of hopes and wishes, giving you a preview of where you’re heading. This is the time to define your goals, to listen to your dreams, and to alter the chorus from your inner voice so that you can readily tap into your self-confidence during the processes of change.
It’s necessary to maintain a reasonable grasp on your strengths and limitations this year, because you may be tempted to get in over your head or to make promises that are difficult to fulfill.
Remember the importance of generosity, because giving thanks and extending yourself toward others works its own magic rather quickly this year.
Saturn‘s influence centers in your solar Eleventh House, where it will remain through the end of the last year. During the next two years you’re in the perfect period to turn your dreams into reality, but not without some effort. Friends and professional allies can play
a significant role now, and you may also have a chance to take on leadership positions within your community that mark true progress in your growth. This is a cycle of clarification and focus, and it can bring remarkable results if you’re willing to take responsibility for creating your own life. But at the core of the process is the experience of definition; you are now defining yourself in remarkable ways.
The slower-moving planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—are also creating an impact in your life.
Uranus and Neptune are transiting through your solar Eighth House, awakening deep desires and helping you uncover and release some of your old inhibitions.
These influences also stimulate a need to examine probing questions, and mark an excellent time to study metaphysical and psychological subjects. With Pluto transiting through your solar Sixth House, you’re getting to the core of your physical needs, and you’re in an excellent period to make adjustments that will add a sense of wholeness to your life. Because these three cycles last many years, the changes are more subtle, but they are definitely happening.
If you sharpen your inner sight, you’ll see exceptional transformation in many aspects of your life as you let go and allow real healing to do its work.
The solar and lunar eclipses of 2021 emphasize a year of examining your values. You’re getting to the core of your self-esteem. You may be dismantling old ways of handling the material aspects of your life so that you feel more safe, complete and in control. The winds of change may also be stirring up crises in the realm of inheritance, joint finances, and debt. By taking an honest look at these issues you may finally be able to break old habits that have kept you from having all the things you deeply desire.

Horoscope 2021