Horoscope Aries 2021

Predictions Aries 2021

At long last, 2021 is your year! After spending the last two years feeling that you’ve been tested to the extreme, you’re ready to show the world what you have to offer. And there are many open doors and new pathways providing just the encouragement you need to move forward. Although it’s tempting to rush headlong into the first avenue that beckons, you’ll do yourself a favor by exploring a wide range of options before you make choices that can have far-reaching effects.
Jupiter moves into Aries this year, marking a period of expansion, self-confidence, and unparalleled growth. It’s been twelve years since Jupiter was in your sign, and some of the ideas, projects, or experiences you initiated at that time may have reached their full flowering.
You may also be pleased with your new choices, especially if you’ve been working hard to meet your responsibilities and set a firm foundation for growth.
Your optimism works like a protective armor this year, although you need to safeguard a tendency to think that no matter what you do or say you’ll be okay.
It’s easy to overdo, to overindulge, or to spend unnecessarily—actions which may not have an immediate negative effect, but which can be problematic later. Seek out positive avenues for your generosity, and remember to show gratitude. It’s amazing how well a grateful heart works when you give it a chance to shine.
Saturn finally moves out of Aries this year and draws your focus to taking care of business. It’s important to pay attention to your finances while Saturn travels through the Second House of your solar chart. Even if you’ve never tried it before, setting up a budget can be just the structure you need to get your finances under control. This might also be the perfect time to buy software that helps you organize your finances, or set up an appointment with a financial advisor to help you target long-range plans. Responsible use of your resources is your test during the next two years, and the key to becoming successful in this area stems from aligning your true values with your approach to the material things in life.
The energies of the outer planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—are stimulating your desire to experience more of the good things life has to offer. You may also be more aware of the importance of developing your spirituality during the next several years.
This is not the sort of spirituality that arises from withdrawal. Rather, it arises from positive participation in the creation of your life in harmony with your highest needs. If you’re feeling a little wanderlust, don’t be surprised, since part of that desire to travel is centered in your need to experience life. Educational pursuits and political arenas may also be more interesting and available to you during the next few years.
The eclipses of the Sun and Moon during 2021 challenge you to explore the true nature of love: the experience of giving and receiving love.
Discover the place within your heart that is the center of love: It may arise from inviting new relationships, or it can be the result of finally giving yourself to those relationships already established. Children and creative expression are important this year, and may be the key to embracing the passion and ingenious power of your own inner child. It’s time to open your heart and let love flow more freely in your life. Now, that’s a pretty excellent challenge!

Horoscope 2021