Horoscope Aquarius 2021

Predictions Aquarius 2021

This can be a landmark year for you. Harnessing the energy of change and surrendering to your higher calling, you may be learning more, making connections that serve your sense of purpose, and developing a more stable foundation. However, this year is not -without its challenges—primarily in the -way you’re handling your responsibilities.
The supportive energy of Jupiter amplifies your desire to communicate and strengthens your mind. With Jupiter’s help, you’re making new connections and creating goodwill. Transiting through the Third House of your solar chart, Jupiter stimulates travel, learning, and sharing what you know. You may be on the go, expanding your territory, exploring, and feeling open to new possibilities. Writing, public speaking, and educational pursuits fare beautifully during this cycle, or you may be interested in working with young people.
The primary downfall centers on a tendency to be overly idealistic or to overextend yourself. It’s also important to recognize how far your ego is expanding, because you may be in the spotlight more often. Using your influence in a generous manner can be quite effective, but hogging the stage could alienate you from those you desire to impress.
Saturn‘s cycle moves into the Fourth House of your solar chart, and during the next two years your need for security will take a higher priority.
Sometimes, these needs influence a desire to establish a home base, purchase property, or build a family, and understanding the responsibility required of such decisions can be helpful when determining your commitment. The essence of this period involves building a foundation on your deepest needs, and embracing your responsibilities in a positive manner. Sometimes saying no is just as important as making agreements, especially if you feel you need to walk away from old ideas, situations, or experiences that no longer meet your needs or promote personal growth.
As you’re probably aware, Uranus, your planetary ruler, is in your sign now, in a cycle that continues for the next several years. This year, Neptune also moves into Aquarius, another long-lasting cycle. With both planetary energies stimulating the first house of your solar chart, you may feel that a new you is emerging powerfully. During these long-lasting transits you experience a process of unfolding and awakening, and the opportunity to unlock the power of your unique abilities can be phenomenal. Pluto’s cycle continues its emphasis on your ability to set and accomplish important goals.
Friends can be an amazing source of inspiration and strength to you now.
The solar and lunar eclipses are also significant for you this year. Because the eclipses are in the Aquarius-Leo axis of the zodiac, you’ll experience a year of critical change and peaking developments.
Relationships can be especially significant, with changes within partnerships and from your partner. These alterations center on achieving positive mutual autonomy and equality. Your personal changes can be comprehensive, too, since you’re likely to drop some of the attitudes and circumstances that don’t seem to fit the new you. Turning over a new leaf with your physical health can add vitality, but ignoring your physical body’s changes can lead to setbacks.

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