Horoscope Virgo 2020

Predictions Virgo 2020

The personal journey you began last fall continues this year, along with terrific opportunities to expand your influence in the world at large and your immediate environment.

This is also a fabulous year for just about everything including play, so be prepared to tear yourself away from work occasionally.

An upbeat year with plenty of fun and excitement begins with Jupiter in Capricorn, your solar Fifth House of recreation, children, creativity, socializing, and romance. All this and more can be yours during this year of luck and good fortune.

There is one factor that might present a challenge, however.

With expansive Jupiter leading the way, you’ll have so many options that it could be tough to choose among them! Grab the best and pass on the rest.

If you’re a parent, 2020 will be a memorable year as you watch your children excel and enjoy many happy hours and days with them.

Get involved in their activities, possibly as a sports coach or team supporter, or as a volunteer for a school club. If you’re hoping to become a parent, your wish could come true this year.

Jupiter will also nudge your practical brand of creativity to life. Acquire a new hobby, something you’ve wanted to do for years. If you’re like many Virgos, you probably have lots of half-finished projects awaiting your attention.

Get with it this year!

One of the biggest benefits you’ll reap from Jupiter is a higher level of confidence and well-being. Optimism rises and you’ll be in tune with yourself and the universe.

Stretch yourself and put it to work for you!

If you’re searching for a life partner, 2020 is one of the best years for you to find someone. You’ll have more opportunities to socialize and meet new people, who will pick up on the subtle vibe that says you’re in the mood for romance.

Even committed couples will get in on the action with plenty of memorable evenings and weekends. In matters of the heart, you’ll have not only lucky Jupiter on your side but also a fortunate Jupiter-Uranus alignment that can have you in the right place at the right time.

Love at first sight is a distinct possibility, so listen to your inner voice when you feel the zing. Rushing into a commitment, however, could be a mistake.

Relationships are prone to the unexpected this year, and a sudden attraction could be true love or a short-term infatuation. Time is the only way to know for sure, so let things develop and enjoy the moment.

You could meet that special someone in March, May, or November, when the Jupiter-Uranus alignment is exact, or around the time of the July 18 Full Moon in Capricorn, or the New Moon in the same sign on December 27.

Jupiter-Uranus also will connect you with other people—new friends and business acquaintances—and you’ll want to spend more time with loved ones.

Listen to what all the people in your life have to say this year. Someone could spark a flash of insight that lets you see a relationship or event in an entirely different perspective.

Any one of them could bring you luck at an unexpected moment and provide the connection to a new romance or business contact. Make networking a priority.

Because the Fifth House also governs speculation—everything from gambling to the stock market—you could luck into a nice windfall this year, thanks to Jupiter-Uranus.

But with the planet of the unexpected in the mix, you could just as easily lose as gain. Carefully weigh the risk-reward ratio if you plan to invest and back up opinions and advice from others with your own research and facts.

The lottery is worth a periodic try; remember, though, that it only takes one ticket to win, so don’t raid the piggy bank. Your best bet might be to join a lottery pool at work.

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