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You’re no fan of change, unless it’s on your terms. That’s just what this year’s planetary alignments offer you: the opportunity to maintain your comfort zone and to expand your horizons. What makes this possible is an unusual lineup of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, all in signs that mix easily with yours. The other big event of the year is Pluto, which begins its seventeen-year transit of Capricorn.

That said, you also need to be aware of a vital factor associated with these favorable planetary alignments. It’s all too easy to get comfy and let life roll along in a year such as this, so you’ll need to take charge and take action to get the very best the universe is offering you now. Not that there won’t be a few bumps along the way; nothing is perfect. But the good times will far outweigh the difficult ones if you put the planetary energy to work for you.

Lucky Jupiter visits each sign once every twelve years, and its 2020 tour is through Capricorn, a fellow earth sign and your solar Ninth House of travel, education, religion, legal matters, and all things philosophical. Contemplation isn’t your norm because you’re much too practical and reality-based.

Even so, you’ll find yourself mentally exploring your life philosophy, what you value, where you’ve been, and where you want to go with your life in the future. These thoughts will be subtle at first, sort of a gentle nudge that you quickly put out of your mind.

Take note of these initial impressions in January and March and let them perk as you go on with your life. Summer and early fall bring them to the forefront, when you’ll not only ask questions but go in search of answers and information.

Then, you’ll be ready to take action the last three months of the year.

This year could bring the realization that additional education is vital in order to advance in your career and to achieve the financial security you desire. Investigate all the options available, including distance learning, a college degree, specialized certification, and trade school training.

If you know returning to school is the answer, but are confused about a new direction, find a career counselor who can guide you to the most promising possibilities that will capitalize on your skills and talents. Aim for this fall to launch your new direction and prepare yourself ahead of time to stick with it through some initial rough spots.

If you’ve already achieved your educational goals, consider taking a class for the fun of it and to satisfy your increasing curiosity about life and the world around you. Learn something new—a language or hobby—or take several short-term classes or seminars to boost specific job skills.

Travel for business or pleasure is also likely to be on your agenda. If you’ve always wanted to take a fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime trip, this is the year to do it.

See a big chunk of the world on a whirlwind tour or just a small piece of it with friends or a small tour group. You might also enjoy a learning vacation, such as a week or two at a gourmet cooking school, or a trip that focuses on historical sites.

Adding energy, incentive, and impetus to Jupiter’s influence is Pluto in Capricorn January 25-June 12, and then from November 26 on. Pluto represents power and transformation. As it will be in favorable alignment with your sign, you can easily tap into and harness transforming energy for your own use. Your determination is legendary.

With Pluto on your side, there is little to stand between you and your goal. Draw strength from this planet and refuse to budge.

However, during Pluto’s last visit to Sagittarius, June 13-Novem- ber 25, you could face financial obstacles related to your goals, or time constraints because of your children. Keep the faith, go with the flow, and give things a chance to work out. The odds are in your favor, despite this planetary test from the universe.

Jupiter in Capricorn forms an easy alignment with Saturn in Virgo, also an earth sign, three times in 2020: January, September, and November. This reinforces the influence of Jupiter in Capricorn, the sign Saturn rules, and it activates your solar Fifth House of creativity, children, romance, and recreation.

All or most of these areas of life will be in focus this year, and especially so because of the February 20 lunar eclipse in Virgo. (If your birthday is between April 20 and 23, the eclipse aligns directly with your Sun, so you’ll need to plan ahead. Your life will be very busy, and you’ll want your evenings and weekends free as much as possible.)

If you have a pending or ongoing legal matter, possibly involving a divorce or child support or custody, it may take until November or December to resolve the matter. The Jupiter-Saturn alignment favors a positive outcome even though you may not get exactly everything you want.

But you also should listen to your attorney rather than bank on lucky Jupiter to deliver. There are times when this fortunate planet promises far more than it delivers. The same applies to uninformed friends who may have good intentions.

You’ll also want to be prepared for extra expenses involving this matter, even though it may not happen, because of Pluto’s final transit of Sagittarius. A similar caution applies if you’re depending upon a grant or tuition reimbursement for school. Get the details rather than take someone’s word for it.

If you’re hoping for an addition to the family, it is possible under the Jupiter’Saturn alignment. Adoption is also favored. You might also discover one of your children is gifted in some way or has a previously unrecognized talent, in addition to excelling in academics or winning a competition. This is also an excellent year to get involved in your children’s after-school activities as a coach or supporter.

Make it a point to free your creativity in some way this year. Your ideal outlet might be music, art, gardening, refinishing furniture, or home decorating. If you’re an aspiring author, you could not only fulfill your dream to get published but be successful beyond your imagination.

Jupiter also aligns with Uranus three times this year—in March, May, and November. This lucky influence can bring unexpected opportunities, and it’s up to you to follow up on them; otherwise, you’re unlikely to realize the potential gains.

With Uranus in Pisces (your solar Eleventh House of friendship and group activities), your luck connection could be a friend, a club or organization you’re involved in, or someone you meet through school or while traveling.

This is also one of your best networking alignments, so you might want to join a professional group where you can meet like-minded people. Above all, you’ll have many opportunities this year to widen your circle of friends, as you’ll be one of the favored few on the social circuit.

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