Horoscope Sagittarius 2020

Predictions Sagittarius 2020

Two thousand and eight features a major alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, and Pluto’s arrival in Capricorn. This exact configuration rarely occurs, so you can expect this year to be unusual in many ways. For you, it’s all about money, the domestic scene, and your career, with opportunities for gain in all these areas.
Looking for money? The odds are definitely in your favor for a fatter bank account by year’s end, thanks to lucky Jupiter in Capricorn, your solar Second House of personal resources. A nice raise, a bonus, or both are possible, along with the potential for unexpected gains.
But there’s one catch to this otherwise pretty picture: you’ll be in the mood to spend. Your challenge is to greet December with more money than you had in January. Establish a budget as the year begins and make it a personal goal to stick to it. Even if you want to indulge yourself a little to celebrate your good fortune, it’s wise to wait until the cash is in hand. There’s no guarantee that Jupiter will deliver; it only promises to deliver.
Take a look around you. Is your space cluttered? Are your closets and drawers full of seldom- or never-used clothing? Are storage areas jam-packed? If this description hits home, set a goal to clean out and organize this year. Develop a game plan and take it room- by-room. The best of your discards could net cash at a consignment shop or yard sale.
Aiding all these efforts is Pluto in Capricorn from January 25- June 12, and from November 26 on. Use the first Pluto period to clean house. This transformative planet will make it much easier to let go, de-clutter, make a clean sweep, and recycle what you no longer need. And, chances are, you’ll be able to keep it that way, at least for the next seventeen years as Pluto moves through Capricorn!
It’s even more important to get your finances in order and on track this year, because Pluto can have a very positive or a very negative impact on money matters. Big bucks, even wealth, could be in your future, but could just as easily leave you scrambling to make ends meet. It’s all in your attitude and your approach, beginning with taking responsibility for your financial life.
March or April could bring the first test in the form of financial decisions, extra expenses, or the push-pull of spending vs. saving. If you could benefit from advice to get started on your long-term plan, consult a professional in February.
As a part of this process you can lean on the intensified strength of Pluto as it completes its thirteen-year tour of Sagittarius from June 13 to November 25. Tap into this empowering energy to enhance your determination and willpower to make both personal and financial changes for the better.
Jupiter aligns with Uranus in Pisces, your solar Fourth House of home and family, in March, May, and November. If you need added financial incentive, the desire for home ownership—or a new home—could be the final motivator. If you decide to stay put, this is a terrific year for do-it-yourself home improvements that net maximum gain with minimum investment. Get the skills you need and go to it!
Use your imagination and creativity, break a few rules, and design a look that’s uniquely you. All this might be possible because of a relative’s generosity; you could receive an unexpected, or surprisingly large, inheritance from a family member.
On its own, Uranus in your solar Fourth House signals the unexpected, from surprise visitors to repairs to wiring your home for all the latest technology. It’s possible you’ve moved once or many times since Uranus entered Pisces five years ago, or that adult children or a succession of roommates have moved in and out. This year could bring more of the same, along with friends dropping in unannounced. If you’re open to the idea, your place can become the favorite gathering place this year.
2020 also brings the opportunity to make your mark in the world as the February 20 lunar eclipse in Virgo lights up your solar Tenth House of career. Saturn is in the same sign all year and midway through 2010. These are pinnacle years, when past efforts can pay off with a rise in status—if you follow the rules and take responsibility for your actions. What makes this year especially auspicious is Jupiter’s favorable alignment with Saturn, connecting your money and your career. This of course increases the potential for a promotion or terrific new position—with a paycheck to match.
January, September, and November are key months. Use January to scope out the possibilities so you can keep them in mind as the year unfolds. You’ll begin to see specific opportunities from July through mid-August, which is a great time to send out resumes as a lead-in to September. Although the July-August time frame could bring an offer or step-up, it’s more likely in November or even December. Saturn requires patience!
Another significant influence associated with this three-planet alignment is Saturn’s exact meeting with Uranus in November.
Because the planetary duo spans your solar Tenth-Fourth House axis, career interests could conflict with those of home and family. Strive for balance and seek the support of coworkers and family members alike. It’s possible you could relocate for a new job or a promotion, especially if your birthday is between November 8 and 12. The thought of a home-based business could cross your mind at this time. Think carefully before taking such a bold step. Just because money flows your way this year doesn’t mean it will continue. A good alternative might be to keep your day job and develop a sideline business with growth potential.
Neptune, now in its eleventh year in Aquarius, your solar Third House, continues to widen your perspective as it challenges you to look beyond the obvious. The truth can be illusive, and perception mistaken as reality. Ask and think, rather than assume. You might surprise yourself with what you discover about life and those around you, as well as your own long-held views.
As you free your thoughts, you’ll nurture your creativity and begin to approach problem solving with an entirely different mindset. Take note of hunches and feelings. They’re your inner voice, your sixth sense. Intuition can be a helpful guide this year if you learn to let it flow and back up your impressions with facts. You also should give visualization a try. You’ll be especially adept at it and with practice you can manifest almost anything you desire.

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