Horoscope Libra 2020

Predictions Libra 2020

Home, family, and the domestic scene are major themes in 2020, along with an active social life and opportunities to shine at work. All this is due to a major planetary alignment that links Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus throughout the year, and Pluto‘s shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn.
Expansive Jupiter, which visits each sign every twelve years, travels in Capricorn, your solar Fourth House. This fortunate planet could prompt you to relocate, remodel or redecorate, or rent or buy a new home. You’ll also enjoy many happy moments with family and while entertaining friends.
Include potential networking contacts in the mix because one or more of them could come in handy later in the year to advance your career aims. Because Jupiter favors almost anything domestic this year, you might develop an interest in gourmet cooking or delve into interior decorating, refin- ishing furniture, or gardening. Whatever you choose to do in or for your home this year, it’s sure to bring you many hours of satisfaction and pleasure.
Jupiter aligns favorably with Uranus in Pisces, your solar Sixth House of work and health, in March, May, and November. You’ll want to keep your eyes and ears open during the first two contacts, either of which could trigger an event or connection that leads to a new position or another job opportunity in November. Be cautious, however, if your thoughts turn to a home-based business.
Although it’s possible this could work out in your favor, there are no guarantees. And, with quirky Uranus involved, what appears to be a winning proposition could end up being a losing one. But it might be worth a try as a sideline; then, if things are going well next year, you can reconsider giving up your day job. Besides, you might land a fabulous position with your current or another company that’s simply irresistible.
Business relationships benefit from teamwork more than ever. Be the first to offer a helping hand and use your terrific people skills to help bring others to consensus. You’ll definitely excel at communication and bright ideas this year, and people will look to you for clever solutions and inspiration. In turn, they’ll spark new insights and be your link to both personal and business information.
Jupiter also makes an easy alignment with Saturn in Virgo, your solar Twelfth House of self-renewal, in January, September, and November. The serious Saturn energy is decidedly different from upbeat Jupiter, and especially so because the Twelfth House also represents what is hidden and behind the scenes. Yet this favorable contact gives you the best of both planets as it also reinforces the year’s emphasis on home and family because Saturn rules Capricorn, your solar Fourth House.
Usually the ultimate people person, you’ll surprise yourself and those around you this year when at times you prefer your own company to socializing, in part because you want to slow the pace a little to pursue your own interests. You’ll also enjoy just being at home, where you can be comfortable and be yourself. Family time will be more meaningful, and you’ll want to surround yourself with loved ones as you establish new traditions for the years ahead.
Jupiter-Saturn is a terrific influence for domestic projects, especially if you’re inclined to do it yourself. You’ll have the ideas and the incentive and can easily acquire any skills needed to do the job.
On another level, you’ll find yourself thinking about the past and how it applies to the future, and you can successfully integrate the two to forge new personal directions and self-understanding. Family experiences will undoubtedly be a major theme and you’ll want to take the initiative to resolve any outstanding issues, especially if you feel they’re in some way holding you back. For the most part, relatives will be receptive, and you’ll be open to their thoughts and perspectives.
November brings an exact alignment of Saturn and Uranus and possibly the culmination of events related to their yearlong contact with Jupiter. If not in November, this will occur in December, when you’ll have an opportunity to reflect upon what you’ve learned and experienced this year.
Because Uranus and Saturn span your Sixth-Twelfth House axis, you should make a healthy lifestyle a priority this year. Do yourself a favor and begin the year with a check-up. Be honest with your medical professional and take his or her advice to heart. If you need to slim down, focus on a change in eating habits and nutrition rather than weight loss. That way you won’t feel deprived. If you need to get in shape, start slowly and give your body a chance to adjust. Even a daily walk can do wonders over time.

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