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Work, money, and relationships are in your 2020 forecast and, best of all, you’ll be in the spotlight, perfectly placed to take advantage of opportunities to shine. Unlike some years, much of what occurs in 2020 will be up to you, rather than other people, circumstances, and situations.

Between this year’s four eclipses and an unusual Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus alignment, you can begin the next year with many of your wishes fulfilled.

With optimistic, upbeat Jupiter in your solar Sixth House, your work life is on the upswing and you’re poised for what could be significant gains.

It will, however, require commitment and possibly extra hours on the job to achieve what you want. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy going to work far more than you have in recent years. Not that all will go smoothly. But the positive days will far outnumber the others.

Jupiter has a mostly well-deserved reputation for luck and saving the day. But it’s not nearly as dependable as some people think.

This fortunate planet is all about promises and opportunities, so it would be unwise to coast along and expect job rewards to fall in your lap. They might; they might not. So start the year with a plan designed to increase the odds in your favor.

Put job goals in writing and review them monthly throughout the year. If a new position is your goal, this is a terrific year to send out resumes. But you might need patience and persistence to get what you want.

It could take until November or December to find the right position at the right salary.

Although any job decision is ultimately up to you, with this year’s Jupiter-Uranus alignment, you have an extra measure of luck and opportunity—and the potential for increased earnings—on your side. Keep this in mind if you’re offered a promotion or new position. You probably can negotiate for more.

Uranus in Pisces, your solar Eighth House of joint resources, accents the unexpected in money matters that involve others— partner’s income, your employer’s money, insurance, debt, loans, mortgages, and inheritance. But all bets are off when unpredictable Uranus is involved. It can bring unforeseen expenses as easily as a windfall. That’s even truer with Jupiter involved this year.

These two planets form an exact alignment in March, May, and November, which are all windows of opportunity for financial gain and, unfortunately, loss. Use your common sense and skip the risk. Invest $1, not the mortgage payment, in a chance on the lottery, and keep a close eye on investments. You also should check your (and the family’s) credit reports for errors.

Jupiter also aligns with Saturn in Virgo, your solar Second House of personal money, including earnings and spending habits. This placement requires careful attention in order to realize the Saturn rewards that come by following the rules and taking responsibility for your actions.

That’s exactly what Saturn expects you to do with your finances: pay off debt and don’t incur more, save, and invest for the long term. But Saturn’s energy is not in its purest form this year. Aligned favorably with Jupiter, your odds for financial rewards definitely increase.

Saturn is restrictive, Jupiter is expansive, and when the two align favorably as they do this year, you can get the best of both and a fatter paycheck—if you decide what you want, take the initiative, and pursue opportunities.

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