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Cross your fingers, think positive, and look for the green, gold, and glitter of money. With lucky Jupiter in Capricorn, your solar Eighth House of money, you could cash in big-time this year. This will be an eventful year in your career life and on the domestic scene as Jupiter forms a favorable alignment with Saturn and Uranus, and Pluto enters Capricorn. To be sure, you have many changes and opportunities coming your way.

Jupiter visits each sign once every twelve years, and it has a reputation for expanding whatever it touches. For you, that means expansion of your bank account.-And, because of Jupiter’s connection with Saturn and Uranus, the most likely sources are earnings, a family gift or inheritance, or property.
But first, you need to take a close look at your financial status.

The Eighth House governs joint resources—the money you acquire from others or share, including your partner’s money, consumer debt, insurance, loans, mortgages, and legacies. What does your balance sheet look like? Is debt in proportion to income, or are you making minimum payments on high-interest credit cards? Do you have a budget, and do you stick to it?

Have you recently comparison-shopped for insurance? If any of these areas need attention, now is the time to do that. With this year’s financial potential, you could have the extra funds to reduce debt if you make that the priority instead of spending the largesse that comes your way.

Also think long term. Conduct a similar financial check-up for savings, investments, and retirement accounts. If they also need attention, establish these funds, regularly contribute to them, and watch your money multiply. Once you get in the habit, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to do, and you’ll also have a cushion for leaner times.

Getting your finances in order is even more important as Pluto begins its seventeen-year transit of Capricorn on January 25. It retreats into Sagittarius on June 13, and returns to Capricorn on November 26.

With this powerful planet influencing your finances for many years to come, you can build sizable resources in the years ahead, or complete the Pluto transit with little to show for your efforts. There is rarely any in-between with Pluto, which is known for sweeping and irreversible change. Be wise and choose the path to wealth.

During Pluto’s final time in Sagittarius (June 13-November 25), you’ll want to resolve any outstanding relationship difficulties that have occurred recently, or, if it’s important to you, any difficulties that have occurred when Pluto first entered this sign.

This is because any planet in the final degrees of a sign, especially a slow-moving one like Pluto, almost demands that issues related to that specific area of life be completed. It’s sort of a final rite of passage that opens a portal into the next sign.

Although this can manifest as an event, its major influence is internal. So think about what you’ve learned about relationships in the past thirteen years and how the people you’ve encountered have impacted your life. Then do the reverse and consider what you have done for others. In retrospect, you might be surprised at how much you have empowered them.

On its own, Uranus in Pisces, your solar Tenth House of career and status, could trigger a career or job change. The odds increase— and very much in your favor—due to Jupiter’s alignment with Uranus.

This is a terrific duo of opportunity that can have you in the right place at the right time to snap up a lucrative new position that also enhances your reputation.

Jupiter will align with Uranus in March, May, and November, and although each will bring developments, it could be closer to year’s end before you land exactly where you want to be. Nevertheless, keep your eyes, ears, and options open throughout the year and seize every chance to advance your aims.

Getting acquainted with the right people could be the magic key. There is, however, one cautionary note. The February 20 lunar eclipse in Virgo could prompt you to exit the traditional work force for a home-based business. Think carefully and get expert advice before you seriously consider this option. While the idea might tempt you, it also could leave you poorer but wiser.
Saturn continues in Virgo, the sign it entered late last year. You may have already experienced some of its emphasis in your solar Fourth House of home and family, which could be added responsibilities for an elderly parent or relative, relocation, major home remodeling or redecorating, or the departure of an adult child.

All of these are possible in the next few years, along with a deeper appreciation for and interest in your ancestral roots. You’ll also enjoy spending more time with family and at home and entertaining friends there far more than being out and about on the social scene.

Saturn in your solar Fourth House is an important, symbolic turning point in its twenty-eight-year trip through the zodiac. Here, Saturn represents the beginning of new endeavors that will culminate in about fourteen years, when Saturn reaches Pisces, your solar Tenth House, now occupied by Uranus.

This is even more significant because in November Jupiter will align with Saturn and Uranus as these two planets also link their energies—three planets, each aligned with the other two. The career and domestic decisions you make this year will thus develop into their full potential when Saturn completes its climb to your solar Tenth House.

As a whole, the three-planet lineup could bring you a fabulous career opportunity by year’s end, a fatter bank account, and a new or improved home. But don’t put all your faith in Jupiter’s income potential if you need a loan or mortgage.

Borrow less rather than more because Jupiter will move on after this year and you don’t want to be saddled with high payments or rising interest rates as finances level off and return to normal. You could net a handsome profit if you’re selling property this year, or benefit from a family inheritance that could be unexpected, or far more than you ever thought you would receive.

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