Horoscope Capricorn 2020

Predictions Capricorn 2020

For you, 2020 will be an incredible and memorable year of new directions, optimism, opportunities, and changing perspectives. Setting the theme is an unusual alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, and Pluto’s arrival in your sign.

Jupiter! This lucky planet is in Capricorn throughout 2020, and with Jupiter’s good fortune, confidence, and enthusiasm on your side, you’ll see possibilities, not problems, and opportunities, not obstacles.

Begin the year by deciding what you hope to achieve this year. Career gains? Education? Finances? Home and family? Rela-tionships? You can then focus your energies in those directions and let the specifics evolve as the year unfolds and new opportunities come your way.

In many respects this is an open-minded, free-spirited year because Jupiter gives you a certain level of protection to stretch yourself in new personal directions, to try new things, and to discover new skills and talents.

Take a few calculated risks and see where they lead you. With Jupiter in your sign, it’s all about making your own luck.

There is, however, a potential downside to this bountiful planet. Without even realizing it, you could get in over your head by taking on too much because you’ll have so many irresistible opportunities. Be selective.

Limit yourself to the best of what will advance your 2020 goals. It’s also easy to become overly optimistic, despite your notable common sense. Try to say no more often than you say yes, when everyone wants you to do everything. You can do only so much in one day.

Jupiter will align with Uranus in Pisces, your solar Third House, in March, May, and November. This favorable influence can have you in the right place at the right time to cash in on a chance encounter that could lead to the best of the year’s opportunities. Socialize, network, and meet people. You never know who might be your lucky connection.

Jupiter-Uranus also opens your mind to things that are new and different, and you’ll have a knack for innovative ideas and new ways to approach the same old challenges and tasks, all with an extra level of imaginative creativity. Pay attention when you get a flash of insight, which will occur more often this year. It’s your intuition talking.

A sudden desire for a flashy new car could tempt you to spend big bucks. If you can afford it, buy it, but be sure it’s what you truly want and not just an impulsive moment. Otherwise, you could regret the indulgence by year’s end.

Whether you do or don’t, you can expect to be on the go and on the road a lot this year, between errands and weekend getaways. You’ll also be attracted to the latest in high-tech gadgets to keep in touch with and tune in the world and everyone you know.

Jupiter aligns favorably with Saturn in Virgo, your solar Ninth House of education, travel, and spirituality. You might want to consider returning to school to complete or study for an advanced degree or certification, or even as a first step toward a new career path.

Or, take a few classes or seminars to hone your skills in a specific area. What you learn in this year and next will help to advance your career aims when Saturn enters Libra, your solar Tenth House.

Travel for business and pleasure is likely to be on your agenda, possibly in January, September, and November, when the Jupiter- Saturn contact is exact.

You might enjoy a learning vacation, such as a trip to the other side of the world or one that’s focused on historic sites or a week-long gourmet cooking school. Another great way to satisfy your thirst for knowledge is to learn another language or delve into a subject that’s always interested you by studying on your own or online.

You’ll also be somewhat philosophical this year, viewing events and situations within the context of a learning experience about yourself, the world, and human nature.

This can be very positive because it will open your mind to different perspectives and possibly other cultures. Through that you’ll gain a deeper level of self-understanding, almost by osmosis, and see your spiritual side emerge.

If you’re involved in a legal matter, developments are likely in the months that Jupiter contacts Saturn, but the final outcome may or may not be in your favor. Uranus will exactly align with Saturn in November across your solar Third-Ninth House axis.

So there may be a last-minute change in what you thought was concluded. You could see something similar happen with other major situations you’re involved in this year. Stay close to home in November and December, and if you have to travel, be cautious.

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