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Communication, relationships, and expanding horizons encompass a year during which you’ll learn a lot about yourself, human nature, and how you relate to others. Along with opportunities to interact with others come opportunities for career networking and new friendships, and close ties with loved ones.

All this is because of an unusual alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, and slow- moving Pluto‘s shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

Bountiful Jupiter traveling through your solar Seventh House invites you to welcome love, romance, and togetherness into your life.
If you’re in a serious relationship, or in search of one, Jupiter could bring you ultimate happiness and the commitment to a lifetime of love. Even if you and your mate have been together for years, you’ll find plenty to celebrate this year as you renew your pledge of love and rediscover all the reasons that brought you together in the first place.

Business partnerships also benefit from Jupiter’s influence, although it’s still wise to do your homework before linking your financial resources with someone else’s. Jupiter can make everything look rosy and optimistic and encourage you to proceed on faith and promises alone. Keep your vision, but also pay attention to the details. The same applies if you need to consult a professional, such as a CPA or attorney. Check credentials even if someone close offers a recommendation.

Pluto arrives in Capricorn January 25, retreats into Sagittarius June 13, and returns to Capricorn November 26 for its seventeen-year stay in that sign. This long-term influence on the close relationships in your life signals ups and downs, people who impact your life in both positive and negative ways, and a gradual shift in your people skills and perceptions as you become more attuned to others. You’ll be intrigued by what makes people tick, why they do and say what they do, and probably have a significant impact on some, as they do on you.

While Pluto is in Sagittarius, you should make it a point to reflect on what has occurred in your work life the past thirteen years.

Compare that with where you are today and think about the major events that have occurred in between. What did you learn? How have you changed? What do you still want to accomplish, or wish you had accomplished? There’s still time, so set your goals, develop a plan, and get moving. You’ll never again have an opportunity exactly like this one.

This year’s reflections and decisions will bring rewards in a few years. With Jupiter’s lucky alignment with Uranus in Pisces, your solar Ninth House of travel, education, and spirituality, you might want to consider returning to school to complete your education, get an advanced degree, or attend a technical school as a first step toward launching a new career.

Lucky breaks come through other people, thanks to the Jupiter- Uranus connection that can trigger a fortunate chance encounter. Love at first sight could spark a whirlwind romance with a soul mate, or you might meet someone who can link you to a lucrative career opportunity.

Either one or both could happen in February, March, May, July, October, or November. The same months could see you traveling on business or pleasure to satisfy your curiosity about the world around you.

For some Cancers, it’s a honeymoon trip or a romantic reunion, while others meet a potential mate out of town or reconnect with someone from the past. Listen closely to what people say. Even a casual comment could spark a flash of insight that enlightens you about another person or broadens your life philosophy.

You’ll also be challenged to put your faith in someone close to you or in an ideological concept. Trust is one thing; blind trust is quite another. Use your common sense, which gets a boost from this year’s Jupiter-Saturn alignment.

When expansive Jupiter aligns favorably with reserved Saturn you get the best of both. Optimism is tempered by reality, and practicality benefits from vision. That’s doubly so because Saturn is in Virgo, which is your solar Third House of communication and quick trips.

Linked to Jupiter in your solar Seventh House, you’ll be on the same wavelength with more people than not and can easily tap into the ideas of others. This energy is terrific for learning—all the more reason you should consider a return to school or take a class to master certain skills. Teamwork is also a path to success this year, and the more you can work with and support others, the more your star will rise.

The strongest emphasis is on communication, particularly in close business and personal relationships. Promote family conversation and share your thoughts and feelings while encouraging loved ones to do the same. Really listen and work together in decision-making and problem solving. You’re also likely to have more contact with your extended family, siblings, and neighbors.

Initiate a discussion if you have unresolved issues with family members. Saturn’s influence will be strongest around the time of the February 20 lunar eclipse in Virgo and for the following six months, so that’s the best time to connect with new people and to renew ties with others you haven’t seen in months or years.

Saturn in your solar Third House is great for weekend getaways to nearby locations, such as historic sites and recreation areas. This is not the time, however, to postpone car maintenance. Keep your vehicle in good shape and, if it’s seen better days, consider a replacement in late April or at year’s end. And don’t hesitate to negotiate for a better deal.

Saturn forms an exact alignment with Uranus in November, when many of the year’s events and activities will come to conclusion. This lineup, too, can trigger new insights with a practical bent if you’re searching for answers to life questions or pondering major personal changes. You’ll want to be cautious, however, about what you say and put into writing the last three or four months of the year.

It’s all too easy to unintentionally hit your E-mail “send” button. Difficulties with in-laws are also possible, and you should try to avoid travel as the year winds down, especially to other countries.

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