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This could be one of the very best career years of your life. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, it may take until year’s end for everything to come together, which is sure to test your patience.

This year’s headliner is Jupiter in Capricorn, your solar Tenth House of career. Known as the planet of good fortune, Jupiter symbolizes expansion, enthusiasm, and optimism.
It visits each sign once every twelve years.

On its own, Jupiter in Capricorn signals high potential for career gains. But what makes 2020 so special is Jupiter’s favorable alignment with Saturn and Uranus. Plus, powerful Pluto embarks on its seventeen-year transit of Capricorn. So the career path you set in motion this year will continue to influence your life for many years to come and reach a peak about ten years from now.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and power, and it thus signifies profound change. Life is rarely the same after a Pluto transit because its effects seem to be irreversible. It pushes people to, in some way, cut ties with the past and move on to new endeavors. This is what Pluto asks you to do in your career life.

You also need to be aware that Pluto is associated with events over which you have no control. Transiting in your career sector, it could trigger a layoff. But with this year’s other far more dominant planetary lineups, Pluto is more likely to operate in the background, where it can strengthen your position for significant achievements.

Aim for a power position. And, if you’ve been thinking about a career change—or if you’ve been thinking about doing something like trying out for a reality TV show—this is the year to do it.

Now, back to Jupiter and its alignments with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. What makes these lineups so significant, both individually and as a threesome, is that they will never again occur in this exact configuration in your lifetime.

Jupiter in your solar Tenth House of career contacts Saturn in your solar Sixth House of daily work in January, September, and November. And that puts the odds in your favor for well-deserved career rewards. Even better, Saturn is both the universal career planet and your personal one, because it rules Capricorn. Along with a year of career luck and expansion you can expect one of hard work and lots of hours on the job.

Because the Sixth House is also associated with health, you’ll want to plan ahead and try to schedule time out every day. Even thirty minutes of exercise, meditation, or light reading can help you de-stress, rest, and relax. Also plan to get plenty of sleep and make a nutritious diet a priority to help avoid colds and the flu. You’ll need to be in top form to make the most of this year.

Because Saturn also contacts Uranus in your solar Twelfth House, your other health sector, in November, it’s even more important to treat yourself well this year.
Why not begin 2020 with a health assessment and check-up?

Jupiter’s connection with Uranus, planet of the unexpected, is both lucky and insightful. The catch here is that it signals opportunities, not necessarily action. It is up to you to follow through on whatever possibilities come your way, which is also true of the Jupi-ter-Satum connection. What increases the chance of that happening is Saturn’s alignment with Uranus. Think of it like a car engine that has to be started and warmed up before you can step on the gas and go racing down the road.

With Uranus in Pisces, your solar Twelfth House, the impetus for change and the motivation to advance your career and worldly status is likely to come from within, beginning on a subconscious level. Listen closely to your inner voice as 2020 unfolds.

You’ll find the influence is also operating on an everyday level. Chance encounters and networking can trigger opportunities. Also be alert at work. The more you pay attention to casual comments and subtle shifts, the better prepared you’ll be to act when the time is right.

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