Horoscope Aquarius 2020

Predictions Aquarius 2020

For you, Aquarius, 2020 is a year of consolidation and preparation as you lay the groundwork for the last year, when you’ll embark on a new personal journey to realize your dreams. Much of this is related to an unusual planetary alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus; and with Pluto’s arrival in Capricorn.

Jupiter travels in Capricorn, your solar Twelfth House of self- renewal, where it encourages you to look within. Think back to twelve years ago, when Jupiter was last in this sign, and reflect upon all that you’ve learned and gained.

During the succeeding eleven years, this bountiful planet influenced every area of your life, from career to relationships to money and home and family.

It motivated you to seek opportunities and widen your world-view. Now you can pull it all together and identify new personal directions in preparation for a big launch in the last year, when Jupiter will enter your sign.

When traveling in the Twelfth House, Jupiter has a well-deserved reputation for being a protective influence, a guardian angel who watches over you. Here, it can be the ultimate lucky charm, arriving at the eleventh hour to save the day. But even Jupiter can only do so much, so don’t get in the habit of depending upon it to bail you out every time.

This year, you have an extra measure of luck thanks to Jupiter’s alignment with Uranus in Pisces, your solar Second House of personal resources.

Expect some money! It’s entirely possible the universe could hand you a windfall in the form of a contest or lottery win, a lucky find, or being in the right place at the right time to snap up a money-making opportunity in March, May, or November. With Uranus, planet of the unexpected, just about anything is possible.

And once you dream up a possible or even likely source of funds, Uranus is sure to surprise you with something you never considered. Your sixth sense will be active with Jupiter’s placement, and doubly so with Uranus in the mix. Quiet your mind and listen to your inner voice. A hunch could lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the Jupiter-Uranus rainbow!

On its own, Uranus in the Second House indicates financial fluctuation, with unforeseen ups and downs. So, despite the fabulous potential of Jupiter and Uranus, you could experience the flip side—unexpected expenses.

Keep this in mind if you’re tempted to take a big risk, and make a point of building a nest egg you can draw on if necessary. You may need it later in the year.

Jupiter also will make a favorable alignment with Saturn in Virgo, your solar Eighth House of joint resources, in January, September, and November.

That’s other people’s money—your partner’s and your employer’s—as well as insurance, taxes, inheritance, loans, mortgages, and consumer debt. Having Saturn in this financial sector doesn’t necessarily restrict money.

What Saturn here wants you to do is to take charge of and take responsibility for your finances. If you have debt other than a mortgage, put yourself on a strict budget and get serious about paying it off. Also build up savings, contribute to your retirement account, and make some conservative, long-term investments.

This emphasis is also reflected in the February 20 lunar eclipse in Virgo, which remains in effect for about six months.

The Jupiter-Saturn contact will make it far easier to do this, reinforcing your inner strength and determination to do what’s right. And, if debt is an issue, Jupiter’s luck factor will find a way to reward your diligent effort.

It’s also possible you could receive an inheritance or discover you have long-lost money coming to you. Check the list of unclaimed assets published by your state.

Maybe your name will be on it this year.

Uranus and Saturn will form an exact alignment across your Second-Eighth House axis in November. As a result, you’ll want to be especially cautious about spending and with financial information the last three months of the year.

This is when an unexpected expense could pop up. But a windfall is just possible, with Jupiter adding its influence. Be sure taxes and insurance premiums are up- to-date and that your property is adequately covered.

Neptune is loosely connected to the Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus lineup because of its status as the ruling planet of Pisces, your solar Second House.

Continuing in Aquarius, the sign it entered ten years ago, Neptune represents both inspiration and confusion. To get the best of this planet in money matters, let it motivate you to become debt free and to achieve financial security. Creative visualization will help you turn your practical plans into reality.

During Neptune’s long transit through your sign, you’ve probably felt lost in space at times, and at others, totally on target and in tune with the world at large. Your sixth sense has undoubtedly become stronger, and sometimes you just know the accurate outcome of a situation or event, or when someone is untruthful.

Mystical Neptune also heightens faith and spirituality, so you could find yourself thinking about the deeper meaning of life and how you fit into the big scheme of things.

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