Aries Love Horoscope 2020

You love the chase, but once the conquest is made you’re off looking for a new challenge.

Is it any wonder relationships aren’t long lasting? Because you are the most independent sign of the Zodiac, you want a lover who shares your spontaneity and zest for life and is strong enough to have outside interests—that way you won’t be missed when you’re off on some new adventure! You hate the dependent types who weep at a moment’s notice and brood for a long period of time.

You don’t want to be anyone’s caretaker or breadwinner. And while we’re at it, you need to be less moved by passion in the relationship and more by the practical attributes of the intended.

Being a very physical person, the sexual side of love is of primary importance to you. Good sex, not average, is your goal. And yet, you can be quick to discard someone because their sexual performance isn’t up to par.

Remember, these things take time and most lovers find sex more enjoyable once they feel comfortable with their partner. A spunky Leo, spirited Sagittarius, or gracious Libra is your best partner.

Gemini and Aquarius hold your mental interest and make stimulating companions. Forget about Cancer and Pisces; too emotional. Capricorn is too bossy, and Taurus a bit too boring for your blood. Virgo takes the fun out of life by pointing out your weaknesses, and Scorpio is too manipulative and secretive. Another Aries? It won’t be boring, but—familiarity breeds contempt and can you live with two bosses?

Your best dates for romance are January 7—February 4, April 22—May 17, and July 6—August 23. The Full Moon on February 13th is intense and sparks will fly! You’ll meet new loves at school, on a voyage, at a workout, or during a religious retreat.

If the person is older, foreign, well-traveled, a teacher, into the mystic sciences or in the legal profession, your chances are greater for a relationship to develop. Sagit-tarians, therefore, offer the most appeal this year 2020 with Aquarius a close second.

That Capricorn is interesting, but do you want that much commitment? Leo isn’t a bad companion, but seems distracted. Steer clear of the Scorpio who’s playing a lot of games.

Another Aries will tire you out with too many activities. Someone from a different religious background will certainly cross your path. You can learn much from this special soul. Give the relationship a chance, and you’ll come out a better person for the experience.

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