Horoscope Virgo 2019

Astrology Virgo 2019

New attitudes about your work, coupled with a deepening sense of introspection, can play a significant role in your desires to reshape and revitalize your life.

It's time to break away from old habits or traditions that no longer serve a purpose and to replace them with experiences that provide growth-stimulating inspiration.

Progress arises from your ability and willingness to put forth the efforts that can help you manifest your dreams.

You're opening doors for yourself, and are becoming more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

While Jupiter transits in Aquarius through your solar Sixth House you may see just the progress you've hoped for in the realm of self-improvement.

Your physical vitality is likely to improve, with an overall feeling of good health emerging.

This is a wonderful time to undertake a more holistic lifestyle by altering your diet, improving your personal environment or changing your working conditions.

You can make strides in your job situation, and may experience more cooperative associations with others at work.

You may be more willing to take on increased responsibilities or projects, giving you an opportunity to put forth your best efforts and showcase your special talents and abilities.

Even if you do not see immediate financial rewards, the benefits you receive in terms of increased respect from others, and improvements in your skills and abilities can put you in the right position for advancement.

The primary difficulty you need to watch now is a tendency to gain weight—you want to expand your sense of well-being, not your waistline! Saturn's influence in your solar Eighth House during the next two years draws your attention to your associations with others, especially if you share property or possessions.

It's also crucial that you be particularly careful when spending or borrowing money and when filing and paying taxes, and that you make an extra effort to keep track of important documentation.

Ignoring your responsibilities in this regard can prove costly, but being attentive to the details can actually strengthen your position.

In many ways, the underlying tests during this time involve your dependency on others.

You may have to be more independent, both emotionally and financially, due to limitations others are experiencing.

The solar and lunar eclipses are in the Virgo-Pisces axis this year, drawing emphasis to your underlying emotional needs, and may indicate a year of crisis in your emotional relationships.

If you've been holding back because of fear or uncertainty, you may finally be willing to take the chance and express exactly what you feel.

Hiding from your needs now can only bring a feeling of self- defeat.

You must confront your real issues and deepest desires.

Look back to any crisis you were experiencing nine or eighteen years ago, because these cycles are clearly related to changes you were undergoing at that time.

Underlying issues in your close re-lationships may finally percolate to the surface, or may explode in your face if you're trying too hard to push them away.

It's much easier and more productive to simply decide that you will be honest about your needs and feelings, and that you can embrace yourself—limitations and all!

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