Horoscope Taurus 2019

Astrology Taurus 2019

You're ready for bigger things from your career, and may find that you are dissatisfied with the status quo. That's OK, because it's time to drop old attitudes, open your wings, and begin to fly—at least periodically! There's still some preparation before you may trust the "new and improved" version of yourself which has been in the making during the past twelve years while Pluto opposed your sign. But now, you should recognize yourself when you look in the mirror, and you're establishing a real vision of where you're going with your life.

Jupiter's transit in Aquarius this year emphasizes growth in your public persona, status, and career options. Your responsibilities may increase, yet you should also feel some enhanced recognition as a result. This is an excellent time to expand your outreach through writing, public speaking, travel, or improved communication.

You may also have opportunities to teach or to study something of great value to your professional and personal growth. Your work may take on a more international, flavor, and your experiences in cross-cultural exchange may become an integral part of your professional outreach.

On a personal level, this energy adds a feeling of confidence and optimism, but you can easily over-commit your time, thereby undermining your effectiveness. It's also tempting to spend more than you can afford or to indulge in things that are not necessarily good for you. Knowing your limitations is the primary focus of this period, and if you can keep tabs on and honor those boundaries and limits, you'll do yourself a great service. Be aware, too, of the tendency to become too full of yourself.

You may indeed feel like the most fantastic person walking around on the planet, but it's probably not a good idea to boast about it in the extreme!

Saturn's transit through your solar Twelfth House during the next two years marks a period of spiritual renewal and inner contemplation. This is a cycle of preparedness, and in many ways, functions like an internal audit. It's time to take inventory of your past, to look back at the whole of your life. Through this review, you're also in the process of letting go, and you may feel that it's finally time to forgive some old transgressions. Although you may tiy to hang onto unnecessary old supports, you'll discover that they stand in the way of your progress even more than in the past. You're releasing attitudes of dependency and developing a more profound connection to your inner self.

Your dreams may have profound significance now, providing clues to your unfinished emotional business. Yet you may also be able to tap into the deeper reservoirs of your consciousness, with your dreams helping to guide your way. You may find it easier to meditate or to bring your focus into the spiritual realm.

During this cycle, you may want to spend more time alone, and may need more personal space to process some of the changes you're experiencing. You're preparing for a time of re-emergence. Think of this time as spiritual and psychological gestation, and be kind to yourself as you gently transcend your old self.

The solar and lunar eclipses emphasize your creative expression and your need to achieve balance between giving and receiving love. One of your most profound lessons in life revolves around the need to know the true essence of love, and it is during this time that you can reach within yourself and open your heart. Through that openness, you can give more of yourself, and you can also allow yourself to receive more love and tenderness from others. The solar eclipses on March 9th and September 1st can stimulate a renewed faith in your creative abilities, and you may also discover outside support from friends or colleagues for your endeavors.

Children can play a very significant role. If circumstances are heading toward a crisis with a child, then these are the times when you should be especially attentive concerning your manner of dealing with children. Remember that all crises are not bad, but that a crisis simply marks a peak that usually requires action or change.

Getting in touch with your feelings about love is the most crucial element of this cycle, and remembering that it begins within yourself provides a renewed sense of personal strength.

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