Horoscope Scorpio 2019

Astrology Scorpio 2019

Now that Pluto has finally moved out of Scorpio, an influence felt by eleven years, you may feel that you have an entirely different perspective on your life and your needs.

During 2019, you are finding new ways to strengthen your stability, increase your feeling of inner security, and find significant meaning in your work, without feeling the inner turmoil about your transforming personal identity.

Your values are changing, and you may have different motivations regarding your aims for success.

Jupiter's transit in Aquarius highlights your solar Fourth House, stimulating a desire to expand your base of operations.

During this cycle you may decide that you need more room, and may even change or expand your residence to fulfill this desire.

Your family can also expand under this influence, whether through the birth of children or grandchildren, marriage or extended family.

This is an excellent period for making improvements on a house or personal property, and frequently property values increase.

However, it's also tempting to go too far, or to end up spending more on your home than you had intended, so try to set a reasonable budget.

You may also feel a desire to explore and embrace your family history, since this is definitely a part of your emotional base.

Incorporating those traditions into your life may create a sense of belonging, and you may also take them to a higher level through your own efforts.

This is also an excellent time to travel back to the land of your ancestors.

Your confidence may also grow now, and from the optimism you're experiencing, you may be much more comfortable asserting your needs and desires.

Just be sure you're not too full of yourself, since you may need support and understanding from others who could be put off ifyour attitude is one of self-importance.

From a soul-level perspective, you may yearn to nourish your spiritual needs more fully.

You can open the connection to your soul more freely, and may uncover some of the mysteries you've hoped to unravel about your spiritual quest.

Saturn's transit through your solar Sixth House marks a period of hard work.

Applied effort can go a long way toward satisfying some of your goals, and if you accept and honor your responsibilities, you may also rise steadily toward the top.

In some ways, your life may feel like an endless treadmill, but you can change it.

By effectively dealing with your responsibilities, eliminating nonproductive habits and attitudes, and managing your time and energy more efficiently, you may actually accomplish more than you dreamed possible.

Pay particular attention to your health, since chronic problems can flare up if you're under extra stress.

The solar and lunar eclipses during 2019 emphasize a period of increasing creativity and self-expression.

Love relationships are especially important under this influence, and if you've been uncertain about your feelings or the direction you want to pursue, then this period can be more positively self-confirming.

However, there can also be a period of crisis in love relationships or with children.

This does not necessarily mean that negative things will be happening — success can also produces a crisis! It is simply that energy is building to a peak in the arena of giving and receiving love.

You may also find that you need allow that natural flow of love into and from your own heart.

Not only does this influence personal relationships, but your artistic and creative abilities can be unlocked.

Chiron also enters Scorpio this year, where it will remain the two next years.

This energy can stimulate several deep-level changes, and you may become more aware of a need to identify a purpose for your existence.

Psychological and physical wounds that you've carried can resurface, allowing you an opportunity to reach a better understanding of yourself and your body.

This is a period to be more holistic in your approach to your life: integrate your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

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