Horoscope Sagittarius 2019

Astrology Sagittarius 2019

You're experiencing progress on many levels during 2019, with ample opportunities to actualize your unique ideas and adventurous plans.

A new sense of personal power is emerging from deep within the center of your being, and you're more willing to release attitudes that have blocked your ability to fulfill your potential.

Your mental abilities are heightened, stimulating new concepts and a desire to explore innovative directions.

This stimulus, coupled with the focus and clarity that comes from other sources, can help to place you in a position with a wider view of the possibilities you can create.

Jupiter, your planetary ruler, is transiting in the part of your chart that is related to mentality, travel, and communication: your solar Third House.

This is the perfect time to enroll in classes, brush up on your skills, and expand your data base.

You may also be traveling more frequently, or your work or education may require that you spend more time on the road.

If you are involved in writing or publishing your efforts in these realms can be much more successful, and you may be able to achieve greater recognition or advancement due to these endeavors.

You'll also feel an increase in your personal confidence and optimism for the future, and may be more interested in moving outside your smaller circle and onto broader horizons.

Whether you're expanding a business, traveling more frequently, or more intensely involved in learning, your viewpoints are growing and your exposure to new ideas is increasing dramatically.

The influence of Saturn during 2019 draws your attention to your creative self-expression, since Saturn is traveling through your solar Fifth House for the next two years.

This is a marvelous time to focus your artistiy and creativity.

If you've ever wanted to master your art or craft, it will be easier now.

You may also attract a master teacher, whose influence can shape your expression in a positive manner, and you may even find that you are teaching what you know to some very gifted and serious students.

If you've set aside some of your creative talents, waiting for the right time to reactivate them, you can be quite successful in your endeavors.

You may also find that children play a more significant role, or that a child begins to take on more personal responsibility (they do grow up).

The solar and lunar eclipses during 2019 emphasize your need to bring balance between the demands of your personal and professional life.

Instead of traveling on the fast track to success, you might prefer to have some time to enjoy creating a nest and embracing your family.

Your feelings about your work also come under close scrutiny, and if you've just been doing a job, or if you've been in a profession to please someone else (like your parents), you may decide it's time to go in a different direction.

Beneath the surface, you're feeling a need to have a sense of greater purpose, and may be able to alter your professional life in such a way that allows you to accomplish this aim.

If there are crises brewing within your family or in your job, they are likely to reach their peaks this year during March and September.

Use these periods to make creative changes allowing you to feel more fully connected to the center of your being.

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