Horoscope Pisces 2019

Astrology Pisces 2019

This year marks the beginning of a series of personal transformational changes that will carry you well into the next year.

You may feel the stirring of an internal revolution stimulating you to let go of the elements from your past that no longer fit into your life.

And deep within your soul is a sense that you are on the brink of fantastic discovery and new life.

With Jupiter's transit in Aquarius influencing your solar Twelfth House, you may sense a more profound connection to the spiritual aspect of your life.

This cycle brings a period of inner solace, and stimulates deep reflection upon your personal awareness of that which is beyond the realm of the ordinary.

Despite any turmoil that might occur around you, you are likely to feel protected by a blanket of divine calm and comfort.

Your compassion for others grows under this influence, and you may seek out ways to give back to the world through volunteer or charitable efforts.

In many ways, this cycle creates a sense that you are preparing for what lies ahead, and, indeed, there is a new direction manifesting after this year has passed.

Your awareness of the realms beyond the physical is enhanced, and this is an important time for dreams and may be a period of insightful vision.

During 2019, Saturn is traveling through your solar Second House.

The effects of this cycle began last year, but you are now in the most intensive part of it.

It's easy to become too self-critical, or to do things that undermine your self-worth under this influence.

But knowing that your weak link is self-esteem, you can better support and strengthen yourself.

Examine your values and the way these elements reflect who you know yourself to be.

A mature and responsible attitude toward your finances can only help, but you know that this influence reaches deeper.

You can feel the need to clear away the debris that blocks your ability to radiate all that you are.

False values or misplaced priorities work against you, but values that are true to yourself will stabilize and strengthen you — emotionally and financially.

The solar and lunar eclipses for 2019 are in the Virgo/Pisces axis, and may have a more profound effect on your life than the eclipses of the recent past.

Their influence provokes a sense of enhanced personal awareness, and if you've had your head in the sand, may also stimulate a time of personal awakening.

The crises associated with the eclipses influencing your Sun usually relate to a need to be more holistic in your life expression.

Focusing upon only one or two dimensions of your needs seems inadequate.

Your relationships, career, personal health, spiritual growth, and mental awareness are all ready to move onto the next, more satisfying level.

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