Horoscope Leo 2019

Astrology Leo 2019

You're breaking out of your old ruts and allowing yourself to be more adventurous during 2019.

Innovative ideas, unusual people, and intense creativity await you, stimulating you to step forward and let your light shine more brightly.

You may have more tolerance for the diversity of humankind, and may feel less judgmental and more open-minded.

A new perspective on life, the lessons you're learning, and the possibilities you can create during your time on Earth emerge, and you are definitely following a more interesting rhythm in the dance of life.

Jupiter's transit throughout this year emphasizes increasing social exposure, and may also stimulate better opportunities for you to make connections with others who will generously support your growth and development.

This cycle can place you in the spotlight more than in the past, and you can gain widespread recognition from others.

But be careful not to believe everything you hear about yourself, since you can fall victim to an ever-expanding ego and may be swayed by those who would say anything just to get into your good graces.

If you're involved in a partnership or marriage, you may benefit more from that relationship this year.

However, if you're single, you may have ample opportunities to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.

Your expectations from a partner are high, and you may have equally towering expectations of yourself.

Therefore, an attempt to acknowledge both the strengths and limitations of any relationship will be much more workable.

You may also be more goal-oriented, and are definitely not likely to back down from a challenge.

That competitive edge can be empowering, as long as you keep things in their proper perspective.

Throughout 2019 Saturn will be transiting through your solar Ninth House, marking an excellent time to be in school, whether as a student or teacher.

Your eyes are on the future, and the steps you take now are likely to be designed to boost you toward that plateau of success you've dreamed of for many years.

This is a great cycle for career growth, particularly if you're willing to exert the efforts necessary to strengthen your rise to the top.

Feeling a bit more moderate in your political ideals can also pave the way for smoother progress.

If your business takes you on the road, or if you attend or present conferences or workshops, you may experience positive results from your efforts in these venues.

The eclipses of the Sun and Moon during this year draw your attention to your finances.

You're becoming more keenly aware of your deeper values, and the way you feel about yourself is becoming quite clear to you now.

If you've been directing your energy in ways that undermine your self-esteem, you can more easily alter those negative habits, replacing them with positive affirmations of your worth.

Spending habits stemming from poor self-image or low self-esteem (like the times you feel low, so you treat yourself to something you can't afford!) can lead to a crisis that forces you to confront the real issues.

Your feelings about sharing your resources with others may need careful scrutiny, especially if you have issues about trust in intimate relationships.

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