Horoscope Gemini 2019

Astrology Gemini 2019

There's exceptional excitement in the air, and you may feel that you are on top of the world. You're feeling the winds of change, and may be more certain about your goals and the path ahead.

With a strengthening of your intuitive sensibilities and a strong sense of inner courage, it's time to step onto the path of true fulfillment.

You're releasing the blocks of resentment and guilt from your past, and can feel your wings opening.

Saturn's long transit of your solar Eleventh House, which began last year, continues, strengthening your ability to clarify your long-range goals and to satisfy short-term objectives.

Your professional associations become more meaningful now, and you're also seeing the need to become more involved in your community.

It is important to align yourself with those who support your interests and aims, and you may also become quite effective in group efforts.

You're experiencing increasing opportunities to expand your horizons while Jupiter transits in Aquarius all year, highlighting your solar Ninth House. This is a great cycle for travel, educational pursuits, writing, and publishing.

It's also a strong year for political action or legal affairs, and you may become more involved with courts or legal proceedings than in the past.

You may be drawn to explore the spiritual and philosophical elements of life, and can develop strong alliances with particular systems of thought or belief.

This cycle can stimulate a desire to find the truth, and strengthens your need to follow a quest or calling. You may journey further and for longer periods of time, particularly if your journey inspires you to move on toward other horizons.

Your confidence and optimism also increase under this influence, and you can hold a vision of hope despite tremendous change.

The solar and lunar eclipses draw your attention to home and family this year. If there are concerns you've failed to address, then now is the time to deal with them.

Areas of conflict can build to a peak, but you can also experience an escalation of more positive or supportive changes. Take a look at your needs for stability, security and comfort, particularly near the Sun's eclipse on September 1st.

Determine the best ways to create strong foundations. Crisis within the family or affecting your parents may also occur, but can have the effect of bringing you into a closer alignment with one another. However, if a breaking-away has been building, then this may be the year when you finally move beyond the constraints inhibiting your needs and self-expression.

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