Horoscope Capricorn 2019

Astrology Capricorn 2019

This is a time to build solid foundations for your future, and to concentrate on developing a true sense of security and stability.

As your self-esteem grows, you may also become more aware of the value of everything and everyone around you.

You're searching for ways to expand your financial base, and may become more effective at using what you have.

Even though you usually strive to keep your priorities in focus, it is crucial that you make a careful review of your responsibilities now, because you're in no mood to waste time, energy, or money.

With Jupiter transiting through your solar Second House this year, you're feeling a pressing need to become more financially secure.

But this energy can also prompt wasteful spending, particularly if you jump into something unprepared.

You're looking for new ways to increase your worth on every level, which begins with a renewed appreciation for yourself and your personal values.

Consciousness of prosperity has practical value, and you may find that you're more willing to explore the best ways to achieve a true sense of abundance.

You've just completed a cycle of increased confidence and optimism, and now you must find a way to continue the momentum that began last year.

Saturn, your planetary ruler, is traveling through your solar Fourth House during the next two years, and you may find that you're more serious about creating a substantial home base as a result of this influence.

This is also a strong period of self-reflection, and you may be more interested in exploring your roots in your attempts to recover a true sense of your Self.

You may experience a loss of support from family, which is simply a natural part of your maturation, like moving away from home; but however the changes come about, you're discovering the importance of standing on your own two feet.

At the most basic level, this cycle is about clearing and creating a solid foundation upon which you can build a secure future for yourself.

The solar and lunar eclipses during 2019 emphasize your need to develop your communication skills and to improve your understanding.

This is an excellent time to be in school, whether you're teaching or learning.

However, you may experience a crisis that is the result of awakening to Truth, and may, consequently, become more open to new ideas.

You may also feel more drawn to explore different cultures or beliefs as part of expanding your concept of the world.

This can be a period of spiritual awakening, and may mark your entrance into a more profound sense of wisdom and understanding.

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