Horoscope Cancer 2019

Astrology Cancer 2019

During this year you are challenged to set and maintain priorities that will add stability and focus.

You're benefiting from situations that allow you to change or transform yourself and your life experiences, and may be searching for the deeper meanings of your work, relationships, and purpose here on Earth. You may have a new respect for the spiritual aspect of your life, and can incorporate this need more easily into your everyday life.

Jupiter's transit in Aquarius highlights your solar Eighth House.

One of the benefits of this transit is connected to the support that comes through the effort of others. Your partner may be doing quite well, and you, in turn, benefit. For some individuals, this is a cycle in which an inheritance is distributed. But this can also be a period in which you take on increased financial burdens, like a long-term mortgage, or in which you decide to make plans for your long-range financial future. It's necessary to keep your limitations clearly in mind when dealing with any financial ventures this year, since it's easy to get in over your head.

But if you've planned carefully and stay within your means, then you may have good fortune in finding just the right support or in attracting investors or partners who have faith in your efforts.

From a psychological perspective, this cycle also marks a period of getting in touch with your compulsions, obsessions and deeper needs for intimacy. Your sex life may improve now, but only if you can release your old inhibitions or fears.

You might enjoy exploring methods that will allow you to experience greater satisfaction, and may also become more clearly aware of the alchemy that is creating a bond between yourself and your intimate partner. Additionally, your interest in the metaphysical elements of life is enhanced, and you may feel much more comfortable exploring questions that before were off-limits.

While the energy of Saturn is concentrated within your solar Tenth House this year, you're making a careful assessment of your career and needs for recognition through your work. It's time to gain some clarity about what drives you, and why you're following your current career path.

Cancer may be given increased responsibilities, but may not necessarily feel adequately compensated or positively acknowledged for the job.

There may also be difficulties dealing with superiors, and you need to clearly define what superiors expect from you this year. Assumptions spell trouble.

You need to know what the priorities and responsibilities are, and determine the best ways to handle them. Some individuals also find this a challenging time in regard to parents, although this does mark a period of becoming more realistic about the nature of your current parental relationship.

The solar and lunar eclipses draw your attention to a need to learn and to improve your understanding. You may also feel an urgency to communicate and share your ideas with the world, and may be making a special effort to strengthen your communication skills or to get yourself up to speed on the skills necessary to help you advance your career.

There can be increased travel, or you may be involved in reaching a certain level of achievement in education. This is a great time to learn or teach, but is especially notable because you're opening your mind to higher levels of understanding and awareness.

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