Horoscope Aries 2019

Astrology Aries 2019

Your eyes are on the future, and you can feel tremendous inspiration about the possibilities ahead. Setting goals that can be realized in the short and long terms provides a sense of direction, but you'll also want to leave room in your life for spontaneously occurring opportunities.

You're eager and ready to learn new things, and can easily blend newly acquired knowledge with your experience from the past. This is your year to build solid foundations for growth while enjoying new dimensions of your life.

For the next two years, Saturn is transiting in Aries, a cycle that began in the last year. Even though Saturn's energy can bring restrictions and increasing responsibilities, it also provides extreme clarity about the realities of your life.

You may be tempted to focus only on what is wrong or on what you dislike. Yet you can be more fully empowered by using this cycle to embrace your strengths while letting go of the things you no longer need. The most difficult element of this period involves a change of attitude.

Despite the fact that you may "know" what you need to change, you may feel that you're resisting. Examine that resistance, because embodied within it are your fears, feelings of denial, insecurities, and lack of faith in yourself.

Jupiter's transit in Aquarius this year stimulates a feeling of hope, and a true sense of vision about your future. You may finally experience the rewards for your work you've hoped to achieve, and can easily set your sights on where to go from your new plateau.

If you are not yet satisfied with your career endeavors, use this energy to help open new horizons.

By making an effort to become more positively interactive with others in your field or by getting involved with your community or special interests, you may find levels of support that inspire you to reach toward greater achievements. This is a time to give more of yourself while allowing yourself to receive support and encouragement.

Friendships have a significant impact under this influence, and you may find tremendous reward in developing the generosity of spirit that emerges through transcendent love. The primary pitfall of this cycle involves your ability to set boundaries, because this energy is about removing fences and opening horizons.

However, Saturn's cycle will help you determine the priorities and boundaries necessary to experiencing a more balanced reality.

The eclipses during 2019 draw your attention to the spiritual and subconscious realms. Spending some time in introspection, at least near the times of the solar eclipses in March and September, can be highly beneficial in a holistic sense.

The emphasis from these eclipses is on achieving a balance between body, mind, and spirit. If you are experiencing difficulties physically, one of the keys to healing is likely to be connected to deep-seated emotions.

By becoming more attentive to the signals from your body, you may key into some emotional issues that are ready for resolution. Now you can easily release the elements from your past that you've long since outgrown. This is your cycle to forgive, freeing yourself from the bondage of old restraints and fears and to prepare yourself to step into a brighter reality.

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