Horoscope Virgo 2018

Predictions Virgo 2018

While last year provided the impetus to expand your options, this is the year to take the steps that will help to solidify your life path. The changes in the world around you can stimulate exciting opportunities, and it’s important to keep in mind that you have a choice about your responses to these alterations. You’re seeing the true evolution of yourself into a whole person, and can create a focus that will give you ample room to express your talents.
The awakening stimulated by the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn may not bring about easy circumstances for anyone. Ifs time to take bold steps and be true to yourself. But there are several indicators that this cycle will bring a creative burst of energy into your life that allows you to appreciate yourself more fully. Your job is to stay open to this creative flow and allow it to penetrate every aspect of your life.

You can recognize the value of even the simplest tasks now, and your attitude changes are likely to bring a richness to your life that gives deeper meaning to your existence. By making your spirituality an everyday practice instead of an isolated event, you’ll find that the opening of consciousness stimulated by this cycle can bring clarity and direction.
Jupiter’s transit in Libra lasts until November 10th, broadening your sense of self. You may feel that everything is okay, even if consistent stability doesn’t seem to be present. The optimism accompanying this cycle is an optimism about yourself. You’re learning that you do have all you need to make your life work. You can build your worth during this cycle. Take care to utilize your resources wisely, since ifs all too easy to take them for granted. Wasting your energy can also be part of this phase, espe-cially if you’ve been scattered or irresponsible. Allow plenty of time to express your gratitude to the Universe. Remind yourself how precious your life experiences have become. Build a storehouse of joy. Once Jupiter moves into Scorpio in November you may find that you’re eager to know more, and that learning becomes a higher priority.

If you’ve planned effectively in the first three quarters of the year, you may actually have accumulated sufficient resources to travel, get back into school or buy that new car.
The Solar Eclipses during 2018 bring a shift in your awareness of the need to accept the vast array of culture and heritage available to you.
The variety of people gracing the face of the planet can intrigue you, and you may have an opportunity to merge with ideas or experiences that were previously unavailable. Philosophical interests can become a powerful feature, stimulating you to look carefully into the belief system you’ve adopted. This is an excellent time to study or attend school, but it’s just as positive for re-weaving your own ethical and moral attitudes. At the core of this cycle is a desire to understand yourself more fully.
You’re also feeling a need to communicate more effectively. Not only do you need to reach out to others, but you’re eager to feel more connected to Divine Intelligence.
If you were born from August 23rd-25th, you’re experiencing a cycle of clarification. For most of the year, you may find a mixture of endings and new beginnings. But you’re feeling a pressing need to complete the things that you know are holding you back. From April through August you’re feeling the opposition of Saturn transiting your Sun. By becoming more accountable for your own actions and using your energy wisely, this time can be one of tremendous stabilization.

But you may also feel that you’re being tested. In truth, you are testing yourself. All your old doubts about your abilities can surface now, and the only way to answer these is with honesty and love for yourself. Additionally, Chiron moves into a conjunction with your Sun this fall, amplifying the need to become more aware of your motivations and choices. It’s time to leave behind the excuses and circumstances which are holding you back and plant your feet on a path to self-realization.
If you were born from August 25th-31st you’re challenged to move forward without unraveling the work you’ve so carefully completed thus far. During this year you’re feeling some frustration while Uranus and Neptune transit in sesquiquad aspect to your Sun. This can be a period when your dreams seem to be just beyond your reach, but you know you have to keep stretching.
It’s tempting to jump into new circumstances entirely unprepared, or to be attracted to people or situations which can lead to trouble. You can definitely get a boost into more creative circumstances, but you may not know the price you’re paying until you get there. The best way to work with this cycle is to allow more time to listen to Divine guidance.
And with Chiron conjunct your Sun from October through December, you’re pruning yourself to open for more abundant growth. If s no longer necessary to sacrifice yourself so that others caif have their needs fulfilled. You’re learning the ways to cut away from your life the things that are debilitating and self-defeating.
Eliminating the things that have undermined your vitality you can reach the core of your physical problems and experience a new level of wholeness.

If your birth occurred from September lst-5th, you’re digging deep into yourself to find the keys to your power. Pluto transits semisquare to your Sun this year and can be a powerful motivating energy for your personal and professional growth. Your self-concept is transforming, and you’re seriously probing into the more profound meaning of life. By reaching into the abyss of your consciousness, you may discover hidden talents. You’re also likely to uncover some dreams that have lain dormant since childhood which can be your springboard to positive life changes.
For Virgo natives born from September 6th-9th, concentrate on making the adjustments necessary to keep your life flowing smoothly.
This is a time of fine-tuning, especially during the early part of the year while Satum completes its quincunx transit to your Sun. You may find that some of your greatest opportunities arrive in August and September, when you nave strong support to extend your influence and enjoy the fruits oflife. Clarity about your identity helps you maintain your focus this year.
If you were bom from September 10th-15th, you’re experiencing the energy of Uranus and Neptune transiting in trine to your Sun. litis cycle has historically been linked to powerful awakening, and can bring a profound difference in your sense of self. If you’ve been dreaming of making changes in your life, this is the year to break away from the ordinary and try something completely new. Your ability to manifest your dreams is exceptional. Others who had previously overlooked your talents can see you now (that includes your improved appreciation for yourself!).
Express your inner child by allowing greater spontaneity of expression. Your love life improves dramatically simply from the standpoint that you’ve decided it’s better to enjoy yourself than it is to take everything so seriously.

You’re also feeling the need to clarify health issues and take responsibility for your physical needs while Saturn transits in quincunx to your Sun. Adjustments in your schedule or in your health habits can honestly make a difference. You can’t afford to ignore signals from your body that tell you something’s amiss, because you’re too excited about having the time and opportunity to realize your dreams. With the heaviness lifting, you may finally be able to use those wings you’ve been hiding beneath your overcoat.
If you were born from September 15th-21st, you’re feeling the energy of Pluto helping you shed your fears and guilt while it travels in transiting sextile to your Sun. This is a time of positive healing, and you’ll find that you’re probably driven to clean out everything in your life.
This clearing energy operates internally through stimulating a need to get to the core of your attitudes about life, and to meet your fears with courage and conviction. You’ll probably discover that previous intimidations have been reduced to a size you can easily handle. And if you need assistance, this is an energy that opens the doors so you can request aid from those who can help you make a difference. This is a period of powerful creative vision and insight.

Other people will begin to seek your expertise and assistance, and may even show their appreciation! Saturn is also transiting in quincunx to your Sun, keeping you mindful of the need to pay attention to your health and take your responsibilities seriously. It’s a time to clean out closets, internally and externally, and make room for a new level of abundance and prosperity.
If your birth occurred from September 22nd-23rd, you’re feeling the irritation of Saturn quincunx your Sun through the year. This can be an excellent time to get rid of all the junk in the attic or garage, and marks a period of positive self-improvement. It’s necessary to pay special attention to your health, since you may feel that you don’t have the physical vitality to do everything on your exhausting list of duties.
By reviewing the responsibilities you’ve undertaken you’ll probably discover that you’re carrying burdens for others. It maybe time to relinquish those in favor of a your own needs. The fine-tuning during this time can also include making the final touches on a creative project that’s been waiting for completion. You’re making way for the things that are truly nourishing and fulfilling.

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