Horoscope Taurus 2018

Predictions Taurus 2018

Throughout the year you’re experiencing an awakening of your faith in youreelf. Some of the changes in the world around you may not fit into your old pattern of functioning, but will, instead, call upon your resourcefulness to build strong foundations for future growth. By examining the things which require improvement (including many of your own attitudes) you may find that you’re still carrying around some excessive baggage which only serves to slow you down.
This is the time to clear away the excess and make way for a less encumbered life.

Balancing hard work with time to enjoy the fruits of your labor can be tricky this year. It may seem that the work load has expanded, but the profit in it has not. This could indicate that you need to take a careful look at your feelings about the ways you’ve chosen to develop your career. You may very well be using your most creative energy in the least productive tasks. But you have something working in your favor: you can see ways to release the unnecessary and move forward with activities and relationships that bring the sense of stability and security you crave.
2018 is a year of recognizing the pathway to fulfilling your destiny. If s your choice whether or not you want to step onto the path. You’re finding different uses for the material things you possess, and may even decide to simplify your life and slow the process of material accumulation in favor of greater peace of mind.
This is an especially significant year for Taureans born after May 5th or for those of you who have the Moon, planets or sensitive points in your astrological chart from 15-30 degrees of Taurus.

The Solar and Lunar Eclipse cycles this year emphasize worth and finances, including the resources you share with others. You may feel that other people are not sharing fairly with you. It’s also possible that you may be withholding your energy in some ways. Take a careful look at your relationships to determine any areas of unspoken resentment you may be feeling. It’s all too easy to hold back when you feel you’ve been hurt or disappointed in some way. The undercurrent of these events is your own feelings about sharing. Old issues from your early life may be playing a part in your response to the people you care about. Take a look at what you’re afraid to lose. This is your time to release that blockage, which only serves to keep you from enjoying the flow of increased possibilities in your own life.

From January through early November, Jupiter transits in the sign of Libra. During this time, you may feel that the rhythm of life is forcing you to move at a pace that’s slightly uncomfortable. This discomfort may come from the way you’re organizing your priorities. It’s too easy during this cycle to become distracted by the bulk of the tasks in front of you.
Try to break up these tasks into a manageable size and prioritize them according to their importance. The big picture may simply be too much! Physically, this cycle can also bring along with it a tendency toward self-indulgence. However, you can use this time to improve your health by increasing your focus on activities and a lifestyle which enhances your vitality.
Once Jupiter moves into Scorpio in November, you may find it tempting to extend beyond your means, and if you’ve been gradually inching toward self-indulgence, this cycle can bring a high price to pay. Use this energy to find a heightened sense of self-confidence, but know your boundaries. Feeling the balloon bursting can be a shocking experience!

Taureans born from April 20th-25th are experiencing some relief from much of the inner conflict that has resulted from dealing with the restraints of the world. From April through August you’re feeling a positive supportive cycle while Saturn sextiles your Sun. It’s up to you to examine your life and make positive improvements now. If you have habits you know to be detrimental to your health, this is a great cycle in which to leave them behind and free yourself of their negative effects! Taking a more responsible attitude toward your career can provide your with the foundation for long-term success With Chiron trine your Sun from September through the end of December, you’re feeling more confident about making choices which fulfill your life purpose.

Whatever your life path, this is the perfect time to evaluate your long-range goals and put yourself on-track toward achieving them.
If you were born from April 26th-May 4th you’ve just completed a period of reorganization and change. The endings you experienced during the last year may have left you feeling somewhat depleted. However, you are now in a positive cycle to move forward and gain some much- deserved recognition. By the end of the year, your resources are more highly diversified and you’re feeling like you’re finally back on track with your life. Take your time getting started now, since moving too quickly can result in setbacks you hadn’t anticipated.

Uranus and Neptune are both trine your Sun this year if you were born from May 5th-13th. This energy stimulates innovative and imaginative possibilities for your life. You can break out of the old image that has kept you feeling trapped and express a more dearly defined projection of your true self. From the psychological standpoint, you’re in a period of positive identity crisis, with less resistance from your old inner dialogue. Now you have the opportunity to take a leap of faith and experience a new level of your inner strength. Creative or artistic endeavors take on an exciting dimension now.

This cycle can also bring about changes in your relationships with your parents, particularly your father. Rather than feeling the negative side of the generation gap, you’re beginning to experience the positive differences. In your intimate relationships you may feel a need to bring more honesty and spontaneity into your life. Old hurts can easily be resolved now, since you’re much more open to forgiving yourself and allowing the pain to dissolve into oblivion.
Since you’re also feeling a break with the past, you may be confronting some of your fears about taking a stand and living your life on your own terms. Continue to reaffirm the directions you’re heading, while gracefully diminishing the need to carry everything with you on this new journey. Saturn’s transit is square to your Sun through February, bringing a sense of frustration with the inner desire you feel to break free. From February through December, however, you’re ready to surrender to the intuitive voice that can guide you into a reality you never believed possible.

You’re experiencing challenges and opportunities.
endings and beginnings all at once if you were born between May 10th-21st. For those born May 10th-13th, you’re still feeling the trine from Uranus and Neptune (see above). However, you may also find there are obstacles to achieving the true potential you envision. Most of this results from unresolved feelings of guilt or resentment that need to finally be erased. It’s a wonderful time to do some positive work on your inner self.

Everyone born from May 10th-21st is experiencing the transits of Saturn and Pluto to your Sun. This can be a milestone year for you, with the challenge to do with your life what you feel you must. Now you can’t afford compromises that are out of harmony. It’s time to eliminate the things you’re holding onto that are outworn or unnecessary to allow yourself the freedom to connect with your true sense of power. Circumstances can feel beyond your control, but you do have control of the way you respond to them.
Saturn’s square aspect to your Sun can bring a sense of lowered physical vitality, primarily due to the excessive responsibilities you may be carrying. Consequently, your approach to dealing with stress is vitally important.

Pluto opposes your Sun, challenging you to dig deep and find out who’s really hidden at the core of your being. This cycle brings issues to the surface that may have haunted you most of your life. It’s a great time to clear away all the debris from your psyche and prepare to fly! Relationships with people from your past frequently resurface during this cycle, giving you a chance to reach closure or to reconnect. You may feel that you’re constantly challenged to confront issues from your past without the benefit of dealing directly with the people or circumstances involved.

Seeking the support of a counselor or therapist may be an excellent way to deal with any issues that are overwhelming. At the core, this is a time of healing. You’re transforming and allowing your true essence to emerge pure and free. Because Chiron is also squaring your Sun until September, you may be feeling a deep sense of inner unrest and may wonder about the futility about many of your life choices. Once you clarify your motivations, this cycle can become quite fruitful, especially in terms of satisfying your deeper needs.

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