Horoscope Scorpio 2018

Predictions Scorpio 2018

You may be wrestling with fundamental questions about the meaning of your life during 2018 while you’re discovering a deeper level of faith in yourself. This is a time of opening your mind to different viewpoints, allowing the penetration of new ideas which can enhance and revitalize your creativity. It’s not necessary to erase your sense of identity, instead, you’re getting to the core of your essence and experiencing rebirth.
The phenomena of Uranus and Neptune conjoining in the heavens can have a positive impact this year. If you’ve teen making alterations in your life, this cycle can illuminate a path toward heightened opportunity through broader connections with others. Your uniqueness can be an asset to your success. And you cannot afford to remain stuck in the past when you’re feeling pulled toward change. Although your friends and loved ones can be supportive, you’re likely to find that many of the decisions and changes are entirely up to you. Work toward clear communication of your needs and ideas in order to manifest a reality that suits your changing consciousness.
The Solar and Lunar Eclipses during 2018 heighten your awareness of your deeper values, but also draw your attention to the need to become more balanced in your relationships with others. Your feelings about your own self- worth are critical to getting what you want from life, especially now. Take a careful look at the ways you’ve held yourself back, and be more aware of the issues you’ve projected onto others in your life. Regain control of your responses to your feelings about your life circumstances. During the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13th you may feel more acutely vulnerable, but you’re also ready to eliminate the structures which inhibit your ability to fulfill your real needs. During this period of self-reflection, take off your mask and get a clear view of your strength and convictions.
Jupiter’s cycle in Libra lasts until November 10th, and can bring a profound sense of inner peace during outer turmoil. This phase provides a strong connection with the realm of the intangible. You are more attuned to your part in the human drama, as a member of the collective humanity.
You may also need to withdraw from the chaos of everyday life during this cycle, spending more time in contemplation and reflection. Pay special attention to your dreams, and take the time to listen to your inner voice.
This is a time of surrender to Divine Intelligence and harmonize with the continuum of life. You are preparing to emerge with increased confidence and optimism when Ju-piter moves into Scorpio on November 10th, beginning a year-long cycle of self-expansion.
For Scorpios born from October 23-25th, many of the challenges you’ve worked hard to overcome now seem to be less threatening. You’re building toward the future, carrying your responsibilities with greater ease. From May through July you’re experiencing a supportive trine from Saturn to your Sun, marking a time of more positive realism. This is an excellent time to improve your health and institute programs which support your fullest levels of vitality.
You’re also experiencing an assimilation of your past, finding an appreciation for the value of your accom-plishments and the structures that can support you in your future growth. You’re setting the foundation for the realization of your long-term goals.
If your birth occurred from October 26th-28th, you may be feeling fewer challenges to your sense of self during 2018. During the early part of the year, Saturn’s cycle brings a positive sense of recognizing certain elements of your destiny, but you do have choices about the way you respond to this phase. Through accepting the manifestation of what you’ve created through your life choices and attitudes, you can learn more about how to have a more complete sense of fulfillment. This is the time to embrace the essence of your being with love and acceptance.
You’re experiencing a year of utilizing your unique talents and abilities if you were born from October 29th-No- vember 2nd. Uranus and Neptune are both transiting in quintile aspect to your Sun, providing you with the opportunities to exercise your own special gifts. This is a good time to seek out guidance to help you fine-tune your talents. But if you’ve been mastering the technicalities, it’s quite possible that you’ll realize a very positive shift in your abilities now. It’s the difference between knowing the notes of a composition and giving a masterful performance.
If you were bom from November 3rd-9th, you’re working with the energy of Saturn in a minor aspect to your Sun.
Although there may not be a lot of externals giving you cause to ponder the meaning of your life, you may feel that you’re being pulled into some circumstances in a fateful way. You have a wide range of choices, but you may have to work within the limitations and with the materials that the Universe has provided. This is one of those periods when you take the bitter with the sweet and find that you can make a pretty exceptional concoction!
You’re experiencing the impact of changing ideals and opening consciousness if you were born from November 10th-16th. The transits of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all having a powerful impact in your life.
Saturn’s transit in square to your Sun lasts through February, marking a period of struggle with the status quo. You can learn a great deal about your fears during this time, and may feel that you’re unfairly limited by the actions of others or by circumstances beyond your own control. Since this is a completion of a cycle which began last year, it’s important to finish projects you started. Getting rid of the things you no longer need is also part of this period, since you’re simplifying and clarifying the best way to handle the necessities.
The energy of Uranus transiting in sextile to your Sun will help to speed this release along quite nicely!
Most of all, you’re feeling a new level of excitement brewing. This is your time to shine, and once you’ve paved the way, you may find that nothing in your life is ever the same again. The energies of Uranus and Neptune both sextile your Sun can be used to launch you into a time of exciting change and great awakening. Although you may be affiliated with others who are also making changes, it’s really time for you to allow your own spark to ignite enthusiastic new options for your creativity and imagination.
You may feel more comfortable operating independently, unless you’re in relationships which allow you a lot of room for change. It’s easy to take this time for granted, since you seem to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. This can be a period of tremendous for ward motion.
You can revitalize relationships or begin anew, changing the patterns you’ve felt to be unhealthy and unrewarding and expressing your needs more clearly. Your choices about actualizing yourself may have never been this exciting.
If your birth occurred from November 14th-20th, you’re feeling Pluto’s conjunction to your Sun. This cycle can occur only once in your life, and marks a period of clearing away the debris and helping you locate the core of your being. Whether you experience a period of powerful success or intense destructiveness depends upon the way you’ve accepted yourself in the past and the manner in which you go about allowing your personal transformation to take place. One thing is certain: it’s a time of intense self-awareness. Your sensibilities are intensified.
You may experience enhanced psychic perception. More importantly, you’re feeling a need for increased honesty with yourself.
Your feelings have always been a powerful antenna, but now they’re tuned into both external and the deeper internal levels. You have a chance to release any old guilt, resentment or pain that has kept you from having what you really want from life. This transformation to a purified expression of yourself gives you the option of walking away from the pain of your past into a bright and promising future of self-actualization. You’re more capable of accepting your own power, which may have been hidden away in some dark corner of your psyche waiting for the right time to emerge. This is the time.
You’re also feeling the square of Saturn to your Sun, amplifying the needs to clarify your life issues. If you were born from November 9th-22nd, you’re feeling the pressure from the Saturn square. Although you may feel restriction or inhibition during this cycle, it can be a time of marked accomplishment. Watch your health, since your vitality may not be up to par.
Eliminate the things that are undermining your well-being, or get to the core of chronic problems. You cannot run away from your responsibility toward yourself and your true needs. But neither can you carry the burden for others during this cycle. You must find the courage to break away from behaviors and attitudes which have pulled you into negative beliefs, fears or ideals.
Sometimes this cycle stirs up old power struggles with parents, particularly bringing up unfinished emotional issues. Although it’s not necessary to physically confront your parents, you need to recognize that you’re terminating a certain level of connection. You’re being set free, emerging with the gifts which belong to you.

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