Horoscope Sagittarius 2018

Predictions Sagittarius 2018

Throughout 2018you’re experiencing a strong emphasis on oetting in touch with your feelings about yourself, your life chokes and your ideals. Your associations with others may lead to opportunities for leadership or recognition that were previously blocked. New chapters are opening for you now, and you’re in an excellent position to stabilize while moving forward.
By all accounts, the larger cycles indicate that this is a year of profound change and healing among the people on our planet. One of those cydes, the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune, is helping you unravel your values while you’re taking a look at the way you really feel about your own worth as a person. The more intangible elements may seem to take priority over the material. But most importantly, you’re experiencing an awakening in your attitude toward the use of all your assets.
Through imaginative use and sharing of your resources, you may find that you are experiencing a more positive form of abundance. However, it’s also easy to make choices which deplete your financial or emotional stability if you act without investigative forethought. Balancing your actions with clear analysis is not easy, since it does slow you down, but it may save you some major hassles later on!
You’re feeling the uplifting and optimistic energy of Jupiter’s cycle this year in the realm of realizing some of your goals and manifesting greater reward from your career endeavors.
Many of the responsibilities you added last year are now paying off through recognition and positive financial success. Choosing to become more involved in community activities or with special interest groups can be highly profitable. Your friends may provide exceptional support and encouragement now, although it’s easy to take these associations for granted.
Through extending your appreciation for their support, you not only give back, but will find that you solidify the bond you share with one another. Be careful to avoid scattering your energy, since you may be requested to do more than you have time to accomplish.
The Solar and Lunar Eclipse cycles this year emphasize the Sagittarian dilemma. Reaching out in ways that will provide healthy outlets for future growth involves long- range vision of the impact of the changes. As you may have discovered, it’s easy to drop everything and move into a new direction only to discover the value of what you’ve left behind when you can no longer retrieve it.
For you, this is a cycle of enhanced self-awareness, which can give you a clearer perspective of your current life circumstances. But you’re also feeling a need to observe the effect your actions and choices have upon your relationships. Communication with others about your needs and desires can help to make the difference in the quality of feedback you’re experiencing from them.
Before you decide to venture into new circumstances, take a careful look at your current involvements. Be sure you’re not cutting the cord to something or someone you truly need.
Chiron’s influence during 2018 may have a strong impact upon your real connection with your Higher Self. By deliberately working toward creating your life in harmony with higher law, you can reach a more profound sense of your life purpose through this cycle. It’s like forming a partnership with Divine Intelligence. You become the conduit for the information, and in the process, you have a chance to assimilate the energy that’s been flowing through you.
If you were born from November 23rd-25th, you’re experiencing a year of defining your options and taking on new responsibilities.
Throughout the Spring and Summer months, you’re feeling the pressure of Saturn transiting in square to your Sun. You’re seeing the results of many of the choices you made in 1985-86. If you’re happy with your life circumstances, this is the time to stabilize, make any necessary adjustments and continue with your plan of action. But if you’re dissatisfied, then it’s time to find out what lies at the core of your dissatisfaction. Simply changing your outer world may not be sufficient.
It’s a period of self-testing, when you define your identity and life direction. Keep your priorities clear to facilitate your choices. Pay careful attention to your physical needs, since this can be a time when you’re feeling a high level of stress and need to give your body what it requires to stay healthy and strong.
If you were born from November 26th-30th you’re feeling the impact of Uranus and Neptune transiting in semi- square to your Sun. This period may require that you take a leap of faith, which can be especially troubling if you’re uncertain or confused. If you’ve been clear about maintaining a strong sense of self-awareness and personal honesty, then this can be a time of moving into an exciting direction which fulfills many of your dreams.
Your own uniqueness may be the key to opening the right doors, so trusting yourself is a key issue. But you may also be drawn into situations which prove to be merely a disruption and lead only into chaos or distraction. The different pathways are rarely easy to distinguish, since your enthusiasm runs high now and can block your recognition of important details. But you’re experiencing a strong protective energy from Jupiter’s transit from April through July which can help you locate positive support systems during this time of change. However, your best choice is to look deep within yourself before you take the leap!
For those born from November 30th through December 7th, the support and optimism of Jupiter’s cycle is especially powerful. You re also experiencing the deep changes in your ability to stay in touch with your feelings, a cycle emphasized by the Lunar Eclipses in May and November. Your awareness of the impact of your personal relationships increases, which can lead you to balance your commitments within the parameters of both of your emotional needs. This cycle can strengthen a relationship which supports growth, but may lead to the unraveling of a counter-productive relationship.
You’re also getting in touch with unresolved issues with your parents.
If you were born from December 8th-22nd, you’re experiencing a supportive transit from Saturn to your Sun. This cycle is stabilizing, but it does carry some limitations. You may be discovering that your wings have been clipped, although you can still fly! Saturn’s sextile to your Sun brings real growth defined within the boundaries of your personal limitations.
This is an excellent time to complete major undertakings, such as school or entry-level positions at work. Once you’ve met your obligations, the accomplishments from this period can provide the foundation for substantial growth and prosperity.
Now’s the time to define your life direction and take careful steps to be sure you’re gaining what you want from your efforts. The ultimate responsibility for your success is primarily yours now. You’re ready to take on the commitments, but only those which are honestly yours. One factor in your growth now may involve getting a few monkeys off your back and returning them to their rightful owners!
If you were born from December 9th-16th, you’re also feeling the impatience and idealization generated while Uranus and Neptune aspect your Sun this year. The semi-sextile transit of these planets to your Sun brings a different perspective on your priorities. You may need to branch out into areas that complement, but which are uniquely different from what you’ve done in the past.
This is the time to add your imagination and creative vision to your career, relationships and self-expression. Sagittarius don’t have to take giant leaps, but can, instead, step into the realization of exciting possibilities while still maintaining your balance. If you’ve had a desire to move into a direction which allows you to use your special talents, this can be the time to take some important steps. Take advantage of situations which allow you to meet influential individuals or those who can help your fine-tune your own skills.
You’re feeling some deep pressures to release the things in your life that you no longer need if you were born from December 15th-20th. Pluto is transiting in semi-sex- tile aspect to your Sun, stimulating a look at your internal motivations and hidden desires, “lnis can be a time of rediscovery of your power and the healthiest ways to use it. You may be drawn to a more contemplative lifestyle, although you can just as easily bring your enhanced perceptibility into your everyday life. Personal honesty is crucial now, and you may be disappointed in others who fail to maintain their own integrity. You’re exposing life at its core elements, and can emerge with greater freedom to actualize and manifest your real self.

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