Horoscope Pisces 2018

Predictions Pisces 2018

While you’re completing many of your previous commitments, you’re also finding hope for a brighter future during 2018. You’re getting in touch with your foundations, evaluating the motivations that have driven you to fulfill your desires. You’re learning better ways to care for yourself, and can strengthen your vitality by dedicating more time to the fulfillment of your creative abilities. But you’re also challenged to release the things you don’t need anymore, since hanging onto old baggage will only slow your progress.
The Uranus-Neptune conjunction and SaturnPluto square, which stimulate major changes in the outside world during 2018 can have a beneficial effect upon your life. Although your primary obligation is to yourself, you may also find more effective ways to make a difference in your community. Through associations with others who share your ideals, you can go a long way toward accomplishing what may seem impossible to those who are less inspired.
You’re seeing the need to make room for a greater variety of people and life experiences, and, as a result, may meet some inspiring new friends this year. You’re also allowing more flexibility in your plans for future growth, and can see the importance of looking at different pathways in your life journey. In many ways, the changes you’re experiencing are helping you crystallize your dreams.
Jupiter’s cycle in Libra, which lasts until November 10th, can generate a series of temptations. Even though you may know deep within your heart that you need to let go of some old habits or unnecessary attachments, you can find it difficult to walk away completely. However, you’re experiencing a powerful period of support from the efforts and energy of others, and can use this cycle to give you a strong boost. Evaluate to be sure you’re working to your own best advantage within the system, especially in financial matters.
But within the context of this cycle lies a trap: it’s the boundary between the miraculous and the addictive. You may not be able to hold onto all the people or resources that manifest, because their purpose is likely to be one of setting the stage for greater awareness.
You’re realizing values that have been there all along. Once Jupiter moves into Scorpio in November you may find it easier to utilize what you’ve learned. But until then, keep an honest, open heart and shine the light of truth before you.
The Solar Eclipses bring an emphasis to your need to understand more about your consciousness, particularly your higher mind. This link with the Source of all Wisdom is always there, but sometimes you can forget how to use it! Concentrate some special energy on finding better ways to commune with your Higher Self. You may also feel drawn toward the classroom, either as a student or teacher. If you have the opportunity, travel can enhance your life this year, but it may take on the essence of a pilgrimage rather than simply a joy ride. The transiting Lunar Nodes draw your attention to your feelings about home and family, but may also stimulate a different feeling about your teachers or mentors.
Chiron’s cycle during 2018 also marks a period of shifting focus, and beckons you to look at your responses to the demands of others. The purposes served by your relationships need to be evaluated, since you may be asking from others what you are not capable of giving yourself.
If you were born from February 19th-21st, you’re feeling the energy of Saturn transiting in conjunction to your Sun this year. This cycle is particularly strong from May through July, but you’ll feel it throughout the year.
You’re gaining a strong sense of what’s necessaiy, and may find that you have to let the more frivolous elements of your life take a lower priority. Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions is one of the best ways to work with this energy effectively. In your work, you may experience advancement, but also have to deal with the accompanying increased duties.
If you resent or resist this urge to grow up, then the time seems to drag and your burdens feel much heavier. But by accepting and choosing those obligations which are in harmony with your higher needs, you’ll find many of your life circumstances actually improving. Relationships with family may change, and you may be sharing decisions which previously excluded you. Just as importantly, you’re finding ways to let go of carrying burdens that don’t actually belong to you.
If you’ve been struggling with co-dependency issues, this can be the year you find the key to your recovery and reclaim your power.
If your birth occurred from February 21 st to 27th you’re feeling the stimulus to spring into a more highly individualized and imaginative life circumstance. Uranus and Neptune are transiting in semi-square to your Sun, helping your break away from the resistance that has blocked your achievements and personal growth. This can be an exciting time, helping you to launch into a more fulfilling life circumstance. But there are some difficulties which rest in your attachment to the past.
You cannot afford to remain stuck in a rut. Your hopes for the future are hanging in the balance, you’re the only one who can extract the illusion from the more substantial vision of hope. This is a cycle in which to take action, and is not a time that affords you the luxury of waiting around for something better. You’re the creator. Make it better.
If you were born from February 28th-March 6th, you’re in the midst of a cycle which does not challenge your sense of identity. The slower-moving planets are not providing the inner dynamic to make across the board changes, since you’ve already been turning your life upside down! Now’s the time to add substance to those changes and extend their influence by using what you’ve learned. Your time to test the validity of these changes is coming next year, so get your fine-tuning out of the way and be prepared to turn them on with style and confidence.
For those born from March 7th-13th, this can be a year of invigorating and inspiring change. The planets Uranus and Neptune are transiting in sextile to your Sun, bringing an inner sense of confidence and heightened awareness about your unique talents and abilities.
You can improve your skills by using them more effectively. If you’ve been hiding your light, let it shine! Give yourself a positive arena in which to express yourself, which can mean making some changes in your career or even in your relationships. Career shifts which focus on greater room for creative expression are likely to manifest, but you have to choose to change. Getting involved in your community, spending more time with your friends, helps you interface
with the people and circumstances that inspire you to realize your dreams. And on the level of intimate relationship, you can experience a new level of freedom and openness. Growth-inhibiting relationships and life circumstances are likely to fade away, leaving a clearer path to self-realization.
It’s like using wings: not only can you fly with this energy—you can soar above the previous limitations you had accepted for yourself. This is a time of awakening and inspiration. If you use it well, you will learn how to maintain your gifts throughout time.
If you were born from March 13th-19th, you’re feeling the power of Pluto’s transit in trine to your Sun. Although this is a supportive cycle, it’s not an easy one. You’re challenged to dig deeper into your essence and emerge whole and powerful. In the process you discover many gifts, but you also find the debris of guilt and fear that has lain in decay at the core of your being. It’s time to eliminate these feelings and move into a more positive use of your personal power.
If you have an opportunity to influence change, this is the time to take on the role and enjoy it. You can strengthen your position in your community by working to restore and preserve programs or monuments which inspire and help others.
Focus on the vital essence which exists in your relationships and eliminate the responses and interactions which undermine achieving the intimacy and passion you need. Healing can occur on all levels—physically, emotionally and spiritually. Cooperate with this energy so it works to your greatest benefit. You’re finally dancing with the dragon; just be sure you know where you’re planting your feet!
If you were born from March 18th-21st, you’re feeling the energy of Saturn transiting in semi-sextile to your Sun. It’s time to take steps to stabilize your life circumstances and balance your burdens. By carefully clearing away the things you no longer need, you can make this a year of positive change and greater security. But you may have to leave behind some attitudes that you’ve carried for a long time. The fog is lifting, and you can see hopeful circumstances ahead. It’s up to you to decide if you want to pursue them.

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