Horoscope Libra 2018

Predictions Libra 2018

You’re eager to expand your field of influence and may feel that the sky’s the limit this year. But you realize that there’s a price to pay for your topes and may be more willing now to balance what you’re getting with the real cost. As a result, there’s a tremendous opportunity for personal success which can extend into every area of your life. You’ve grown tired of all the talk, and are feeling the necessity of taking appropriate action.
Concentrate on radiating a sense of hope and optimism, a theme which is supported by several cycles occurring in 2018.
The Solar and Lunar Eclipses emphasize a shift in your priorities. You’re completing a cycle of careful scrutiny about your self-worth arid can begin to network with others who share your viewpoint and your ethical standards. You may feel the desire to travel growing stronger this year, but just as importantly, you’re ready to look at the different cultures surrounding you and find ways to embrace them as part of your reality. Your own beliefs may be tested as a result of exposure to different concepts, but the core of your identity can withstand the test!
The expansive, fortuitous energy of Jupiter is working to your benefit this year while this planet transits in Libra through November 9th. Your confidence gets a major boost, and you may find more things to appreciate about yourself. Take a look back to 1981, the last time this cycle occurred. You may have a chance to renew some of the dreams that were not completed during that time.
But it’s also possible that you’re finally reaping the rewards for the efforts begun at that time. This is an exceptional period for studying, traveling or teaching, and can provide the excellent advantage of your being in the right place at the right time. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to expand a business, advertise your services or seek advancement, your efforts can be met with great success.
But it’s also tempting to fall into a cycle of self-indulgence and costly extravagance. Everything may seem to be going your way, ana it’s easy to drop the oars and just float downstream. Staying balanced has never been more important, since the opportunities, the contacts and the joy can carry you into long-term success through prudent use of your good fortune.
The Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 2018 can bring a disruptive influence, much like a major quake in the foundation of your life. Not only are you exposing much of your past, but you’re finding that the security base you’ve always relied upon is no longer serving your needs. It’s time to forgive yourself for the real or imaginary transgressions of your past and move forward onto a base that can support your creativity and happiness.
If you were born from September 23rd-29th you may be feeling that your life is a little out of step with your internal rhythms. Saturn’s aspects by transit to your Sun are indicative of a period of inner unrest.
It may seem that your judgment is impaired. It’s almost like the partial blindness you experience when going from the light of day into a dark room. You can see, but it takes a period of adjustment. Because of the adjustments you may be feeling internally, it’s generally a better idea to be extremely careful when making major life changes. Relationships can be quite a juggling act during this phase, and you need to be blatantly honest with yourself about your true feelings about others in your life. You may find that you’ve been projecting things onto someone else that are totally inappropriate. And you may have been playing a role that doesn’t fit your real needs. Seeing things as they really are does require a period of adjustment, since the truth can be temporarily blinding!
If you were born from September 28th-October 2nd you’re experiencing a longer period of Jupiter transiting in conjunction to your Sun. The impact of this cycle lasts from April through July, giving you plenty of time to reach out and expand your boundaries. You may feel that your values are shifting, and need to take a careful look at your motivations. It’s easy to get yourself into trouble by spending your resources before they arrive. Operating on promises is dangerous during this time, so try the reasonable approach whenever possible. However, the general feeling of this cycle is one of enhanced confidence, which, when appropriately used, can be the key to opening to a limitless horizon.
For Librans born from September 30th-0ctober 7th, the pressure to pull your life together is growing intense while Pluto transits semisquare your Sun this year. This is an excellent time to clear away the debris from your past that’s been accumulating white you’ve been moving forward. Treading through the left-overs can slow you down, and you’re ready to make progress. From an internal level, this period brings you in contact with any old guilt or resentment that have blocked the fulfillment of your needs—especially in the arena of relationships.
It’s time to psel away the tight layers that have inhibited your self-esteem and locate the center of your being. From this standpoint you can begin to relate on your own terms, since you re uncovering the essence of your deepest needs.
You’re feeling a period of some relief from the pressure to experiment, let go and be yourself if you were bom from October 8th-10th. The dust has settled and you may even feel more familiar with the uncharted territory you’ve been exploring. Although there maybe changes occurring in other areas of your life, your sense of self should no w be stronger, allowing you to feel more confident about your choices and definitely more free in your actions.
Jupiter conjuncts your Sun for all of January, February, late August and early September, bringing an excellent time to reach further with your changes and reap ths rewards of a job well done. Watch your level of impatience, however, since Mars does square your Sun from January through March, and you may feel that you’re driving a team of wild horses! Pace yourself.
You’re in the midst of a major change if you were born from October llth-16th. Several long-lasting cycles are influencing your life this year, and may stimulate some complex transitions. Uranus and Neptune are both transiting in square aspect to your Sun, and can bring intensive special effects. You’re feeling the urge to break free and take chances with your life. Playing it safe may seem like death warmed over. You do have some good support while you’re making these changes. But it’s easy to get lost in the haze, where you feel like you’re making significant progress until the fog lifts and you discover you’ve been going m circles. The first line of transition comes from the things you’ve counted on as your security.
You may finally be willing to let go of circumstances from your past that no longer have relevance. This gives you room to incorporate new elements and experiment with your own lifestyle. This cycle can be a stormy one if you’ve been imprisoned in a situation that has stifled your growth.
But if you’ve been staying in touch with your needs, you may find that this period gives you a boost into a more highly individualized expression of yourself.
It’s all too easy to ignore your physical needs since life has more interesting things to offer than watching your health. But attention to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help assure the freedom you need to experience life at its fullest. Mentally, you can appear to be making changes that others find difficult to grasp. You’ve been experiencing these shifts at an inner level for quite some time, but now you’re ready to express them externally. Communication can resolve many of the concerns that others have for you. Spiritually, this is a period of awakening which stimulates changes on all levels. Your job is to stay in the center of your own power while modifying your life.
Saturn transits in harmonious trine to your Sun if you were born from October 10th-23rd. This energy supports focus and self-discipline, and can be especially helpful if you’re also feeling the effects of the Uranus-Neptune square (above). Welcoming your responsibilities makes sense during this phase, and it’s imperative that you learn to be accountable for yourself, your thoughts and your actions now. This is an excellent period to be in school or involved in some type of disciplined study.
But it’s also a great time to complete an important project or solidify a business. Taking care of yourself now may mean that you’re finally willing to let go of habits you know to be self-defeating. You’re ready to make the commitment to yourself to live life in the real world, but on terms that support your needs.
For those of you born from October 16th-21st, you’re also feeling a need to restore a positive sense of personal power while Pluto transits in semisextile aspects to your Sun. It’s easy to look into the deeper part of yourself now, and you may find that you’re willing to deal with issues that have been buried for a long time. Bringing old trauma to the surface can be especially healing during this cycle.
But you can also allow more room in your life for creative activities that you do to satisfy only yourself. It’s time to take off the mask and let your beauty shine through.

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