Horoscope Leo 2018

Predictions Leo 2018

While the world changes its political climate you’re feeling a need to take a different approach to your own way of getting what you want out of life. Others will definitely have their agendas, but you’re finding positive ways to operate within your own parameters without getting pulled into someone’s expectations. It’s time to work toward achieving a more purposeful existence. You’re uncovering the layers that have shrouded the intrinsic meaning of your life. The answers you find are likely to be quite simple, giving you plenty of room to clear away the debris and create a concept that expresses your true identity much more clearly.
A different level of personal honesty can emerge throughout the year, white you take a careful look at the effect your attitude has on shaping your reality. There are always lessons to learn, but you may just now be realizing how effective you’ve been in writing many of your own tests!
During these testing cycles, we often feel that time slows down, but you’re probably feeling more like your clock has a short circuit. Staying in the present moment is more important than ever, because so much is happening during the magical moment of now. Your nature is one of expressivity, and you can feel the frustration of suppression of your creativity reaching an all-time high. Look for outlets. Avoid compromise. Open up and play the most important role in your personal drama—the Real You!
All the circumstances for clear sailing may not be present now.

In fact, there is likely to be a blockade from the old line challenging you to take care of your responsibilities and do the right thing. Appropriate and ethical behavior may not always be easy, since you may run into some dishonesty in others that you cannot approve. But you have the right energy to make adjustments and use the current situation to your benefit. The challenge of Uranus and Neptune for you in 2018 may be as simple as finding a healthy outlet for self-improvement. But you may also have to face the dragon and decide if you can teach her to dance!
Jupiter’s transit in Libra through mid-November can stimulate an excellent support for your need to make contact with others. This is a superb time to get your ideas out to other people. Travel. Make contact with individuals or groups you’ve found fascinating but have felt reluctant to approach. Polish your communicative skills. Let this be the year to expand your base of operations. If you’ve wanted to study a subject but haven’t had the time, this is a good year for a crash course! By the time Jupiter moves into Scorpio on November 10th you may have had enough of gadding about and shift your focus to broadening your security base. But watch a tendency toward arrogant self- indulgence which can isolate you rather than support your desire to build a stronger level of emotional security.

The Eclipses in 2018 emphasize your need to identify long-term goals. How are your current actions and circumstances helping you move toward these goals?
Time with others who share your ideals can be encouraging and supportive, and you may find that you have an opportunity for leadership in a group. You may be moving away from old comrades and into a new area of interest.
Your home also begins to take on an expanded focus in the fall, when your family takes a higher priority. While your role in the family transforms you, you may also be responsible for the formulation of some new traditions.
If your birth occurred from July 23rd-25th you’re experiencing a year of clearer self-concept. You may need to make some minor adjustments in your routine during the middle part of the year to keep your life running smoothly. Stress can creep up on you, so watch your physical and emotional responses to situations. Throughout most of the year the slower moving planets are not forming any strong aspects to your Sun, giving you some breathing room in terms of personal identity. You’re putting the knowledge you’ve acquired during the last two years to the test now, and need only fine-tune from April through September while Saturn is quincunx your Sun.

Leos born from July 26th-30th are in for a special treat from April through July of 2018. Jupiter cycles in supportive trine to your Sun, giving you an added boost in confidence and optimism. If you’ve been waiting for a good time to shine, this is it! Contact with influential individuals can be especially favorable, or you may find that others seek your support and influence.
The increased recognition you’re receiving can give you a boost in your career, and is also helpful ifyou’re involved in community or po-litical activities. If you want to take a bold step forward, you’re likely to discover that you can move further more quickly than in the past. The obstacles this cycle presents are often those which can occur through over-indulgence or excessive spending. Keep your priorities in line and you’ll find this to be an exceptional period of well-being.
For those born July 31st-August 7th, a period of rebuilding and stabilization finally arrives. After the onslaught of challenges last year, you may have wondered if things would ever straighten out. There may still be tests and obstacles, but you’re not worrying so much about how you fit or if you’re being ignored. It’s time to uncover some of your hidden talents and incorporate them into your current life situation. You may also find that you’re more appreciated at home, which gives you the satisfaction of feeling that many of your efforts to hold your life together have been worth it after all.

If you were born from August 8th-15th you have a series of challenges during the year. The year begins with Saturn in opposition to your Sim, testing your resolve and encouraging you to leave behind those things you no longer need. This is a period of endings, and you may find that guilt is a frequent companion.
Seek out the core of these feelings, since you may not really feel guilty at all, but your old psychological programming has you believing that you don’t deserve to make these changes and feel good about them! Listen carefully to your inner voice when doubts and fears arise. Speak loving words of encouragement to yourself.
You’re also feeling the frustration of Uranus and Neptune both traveling in quincunx to your Sun. Trust becomes an issue, since you can bump into so many surprises during this period. As with all astrological cycles, the changes are really occurring inside you, even though you may feel that eveiything is happening all around you. You’re ready to release many of thebarriers that are blocking your progress, but may not know exactly how to proceed. Tiy concentrating on your feeling about what’s happening with your life. You may discover that you’ve been ignoring some of your true feelings about situations, and that now you can release many of the obligations that no longer belong to you.
Not only is your level of awareness enhanced during this phase, but you’ll find that you’re changing your priorities. Allow plenty of time to release the past, since you’re ready to forgive and move forward. Your focus about your work is changing, since you’re seeking ways to bring more of your individuality and imagination into your job. Peer associations can be important, but you’re just as likely to break away from some groups and move toward individual accomplishments! Pay attention to your physical responses to gather important information about your deeper feelings.

Your vitality is undergoing several levels of adjustment, and you may be sensitive to substances that weren’t a previously a problem. This can be a healing phase, and you may find key answers to many of your questions about staying well.
If your birth occurred from August 14th-21st you’re meeting many challenges which you may describe as “ultimate.” While Pluto transits in square aspect to your Sun you may be facing up to many of the issues that have been buried since your childhood. Your relationship with your father can be a critical factor now, even if you feel you had a positive relationship while you were growing up. You’re seeing many of your early wounds, and may uncover some resentment or disappointment that has lain beneath the surface for decades. Whether or not you choose to openly confront your dad is not important.

You need to look at the things you projected onto your father that now you must own for yourself. It’s only through acknowledging and owning both the positive and negative aspects of your being that you can accomplish meaningful success. The issue of power is primary now—whether it’s your own power or dealing with someone else who seems to have overwhelmed your abilities. Anything that’s outgrown its usefulness can be eliminated from your life during this phase. In a primary way, this involves your own attitude toward yourself. This may be one of the best times to get rid of habits that undermine your vitality and turn your life around. The only problem is that you may resist giving up some old pain in favor of renewed joy.
If you were born from August 13th-23rd, you’re experiencing a transit of Chiron in Leo sign, helping you to clarify and define many of your motivations. Wounds of a psychological or physical nature sometimes accompany this cycle as part of your awakening. It’s time to be brutally honest with yourself about the things that you’ve used as excuses for not being true to yourself. Investigate what it means to be whole, since this is the time to know that feeling and carry it forward with you into your future.

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