Horoscope Gemini 2018

Predictions Gemini 2018

You have ample opportunities to enjoy the game of life during 2018, and can find abundant outlets for your imaginative ideas. While you may have felt as though you were driving a team of wild horses in the last year, this year provides you with a more definitive sense of direction. Your responses to the other people in your life can generate more favorable support, but you’re still faced with the task of upholding your end of the bargain!
Jupiter’s transit in Libra, which lasts until November 10th, can be positively supportive to you this year. The key to making this cycle work for you is to find the ways to enjoy whatever you’re doing, no matter how mundane the task or circumstance.
Bring more light into your life by seeking out experiences which are entertaining and pleasurable to you. Your own Inner Child is likely to be rather demanding during this cycle, and it’s an excellent time to openly express your creativity in whatever forms you find comfortable. If you have children, you may find a very special delight in sharing their triumphs and supporting them through their trials. There is a difficult side to this cycle: it’s easy to overdo everything. You’re feeling the stimulus to push to the limit, but may not recognize those boundaries until you’ve crossed them!
The Solar and Lunar Eclipses are especially significant for you this year, when the eclipses complete their cycle begun at the end of the last year in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. You’re continuing to experience an expanded sense of your deeper motivations and needs. Take a careful look at your reasons for commitment (or lack of it!) in relation-ships. By uncovering the reasons for your choices, you may find that you’ve actually avoided meeting your needs. This is the year to acknowledge your real feelings about your personal interactions. Your early childhood may also come back into focus. It’s a good time to brighten the memory of the joys from your past. You may also uncover some fundamental truths about your past which are less than pleasant.
Through the transits signified by the eclipses and the nodes of the Moon, you’re in the best possible position to be honest with yourself about your past. Although some realizations may be unpleasant, all of the awareness you’re achieving brings release from what was and opens the doorway to what can be.
If you were born from May 21st-24th, you’re experiencing a clarified sense of identity. The frustrations of changing directions mid-stream last year are behind you, and now you’re in the process of regrouping and getting stabilized. During the months from late May until November of this year you may feel a stronger sense of reverence for yourself stimulated by the energy of the Eclipse near the time of your birthday.
Make an extra effort to get in touch with your feelings about your father, especially during the month of June. Pay careful attention to the purpose behind your actions during September and October when Chiron’s cycle challenges you to become more purposeful in your choices and actions.
If your birthday falls from May 25th-30th, you may be tempted to jump from one experience into another without giving ample consideration to the consequences of your actions. Uranus’ transit is sesquiquad your Sun, and this cycle often brings an unquenchable dissatisfaction with the status quo. The real dilemma is internal, and involves your need to act consciously and creatively.
Just following the path set by others is no longer acceptable. You’re ready to listen to the inner yearning to express your most soulful desires. This cycle is intensified by the energy of Neptune, which is also sesquiquad your Sun this year. If you’ve never taken a serious look at your spiritual life, most of the yearning you’re feeling will be from the desire to bring the spiritual into your everyday reality.
It’s not necessary to change everything around you. In fact, jumping from one change to another will only distract you! But it is a superb time to surrender to the voice which urges you to try life on your terms and from your own sense of moral integrity.
For those of you born from May 29th-June 4th, this year provides you with some intriguing revelations about yourself. The lessons you’ve learned about staying fo-cused are put to the test. Last year, you had some help from the disciplined energy of Saturn, but now you have the choices about how to stay on track. It’s easy to allow yourself to be distracted by the complaints of others.
Learn to listen to their ideas, but be aware that you don’t have to fix their problems! The Lunar Eclipse on June 4th can stimulate you to put someone’s needs ahead of your own. This works only if your motivation is pure.
You’re feeling the strength and discipline of Saturn’s trine to your Sun if you were bom from June 5th-21 st. This cycle is one of the best to put your priorities in order and eliminate the things that are nonproductive. You may want to get back into school or spend some time fine- tuning your skills this year.
If s also a good cycle for extended travel. If you have the opportunity to teach what you know, take it! Youll find that your own knowledge grows exponentially through sharing with others, either formally or informally. Confirm your philosophy of life. Whatever your belief systems, it’s important to look at the reality behind your ideals. If you’ve been holding onto an ideology that diminishes your spiritual needs, this is the time to replace your ideals with a system that improves and strengthens your connection to the Source.
For those of you born from June 7th-15th, the Uranus- Neptune conjunction brings a series of unexpected changes into your life.
If you’ve been waiting for everything to be just right before you act, you may find yourself feeling forced into action because the fence on which you’ve been sitting collapses. It’s also harder to scatter your energies, since the winds of change are definitely blowing your unfinished projects into a great mess. Now, this is not an impossible time.
In fact, it should be rather exciting and can provide you with exceptional creative drive. But you can easily work against yourself if you try to jump from one thing to another without becoming aware of the results of your actions. Your natural ability to cooperate with change works nicely for you during this phase. The difficult part is knowing when to make the adjustments. Fortunately, you do have some help from the Saturn cycle (above) in helping you to keep your priorities straight.
Just remember that these priorities are likely to change more than once during the course of the year. Take special care of your health this year, since it’s easy to forget about your human needs in favor of the more intangible reality that’s becoming a large part ofyourlife.Mostofthe
physical changes you’re experiencing have a definitive link with the changes in consciousness that you’re experiencing.
The inventiveness and illumination of this cycle are a great gift. How you use these gifts is up to you! Pluto is transiting in quincunx to your Sun this year if you were born from June 12th-19th. While mysteries of life draw a great deal of your attention, you’re also becoming more aware of your own power. Your self-concept can undergo several alterations during this cycle as you become more aware of the need to clarify who you are and where you’re going. It’s during this phase that you become more aware of your own mortality, while acknowledging the aspect of yourself which is immortal.
In the world of work and ca-reer, this cycle brings its own special challenges. Others can undermine your progress if you’ve been ignoring their needs or demands. To use this energy most effectively, concentrate on the improvements which are necessary in your work situation. Ignoring the things which need to be changed can bring unfortunate results. A more intensifed view of your physical health may help you get to the core of any physical complaints and uncover their psychological and spiritual elements.

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