Horoscope Capricorn 2018

Predictions Capricorn 2018

While the world continues to reshape and reorganize politically and economically, you may find that there’s a special place for your abilities. With your sense of structure and economy, a circumstance which needs rebuilding or improvement can benefit from your judgment as to its soundness. More importantly, on a personal level, you’re experiencing a strong movement toward a brighter and less encumbered life situation. Your own life structure may now include more room for fires expression, allowing you to receive greater abundance on every level. Ana you’re learning better ways to utilize your resources, which imparts a stronger sense of stability and financial security.
Even though the revolution in consciousness indicated by the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn is affecting the core of human society, for Capricoms this is an especially notable cycle.
Capricorn may feel the urge to break away and leave behind the aspects of your life that have become too inhibiting. But there’s an old guilt that may be creeping into the back of your mind that says you should be doing something else! This is a time to forgive yourself and release attitudes that get in the way of manifesting the reality you desire. But watch a tendency to avoid your responsibilities, since you may easily undermine a relationship or situation that needs to be strengthened instead of abandoned. You need to be blatantly honest with yourself now, since if s all too easy to feel that you’re the only one who really matters.
The Solar Eclipse cycles during 2018 emphasize your need to take a look at your hopes and dreams and the self- expression necessary to fulfill them. Much of your work can be done on an inner level, since you’re experiencing a stronger feeling about your place in the larger scheme of things. Your growing connection to your spiritual needs can be a source of great inspiration. Yet if you look around you, youll find that you gain support and inspiration from your friends, and that your spirit soars when you look into the eyes of a child filled with joy. Take some time to gaze into your own eyes and find the part of you that needs to play and dance in the joy of your own accomplishments.
Jupiter’s transit brings broader horizons in your career and an expanded influence to your reputation. If you’ve established a strong foundation, this is the time to reach further through teaching, learning, travel or advertising. You may find more doors opening for you, but you can also be vulnerable to traps. These traps are most dangerous if your ego gets in the way of recognizing your own limitations. However, by maintaining a balanced perspective on your long-range plans you may more easily decide which opportunities can bring growth and which will only weight you down. After Jupiter moves into Scorpio on November 10th, you’re likely to move toward more palatable circumstances.
If you were born on December 22nd-24th you may see marked results for your efforts. This is especially notable from May through July, when Saturn moves into the sex- tile to your Sun. You’re also needing to take a careful look at the way you’re maintaining your health, since the Solar Eclipse in May draws your attention to the way you feel. You’re also in the midst of establishing a better sense of your destiny, and may be feeling more inclined to make decisions based on your spiritual needs once Chiron moves into Virgo in September.
For Capricorns born December 25th-January 5th, the tendency to push yourself (and others) beyond your limits is tempting. The transits of Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all bringing broader opportunities your direction through August of 2018.
You’re also feeling the impact of a powerful cycle while Saturn and Pluto both transit in semi- square aspect to your Sun. This cycle can create a feeling that everything you’re doing has a special effect on the fulfillment of your destiny. The impact of this transit is generally not fully realized until the cycle is over, when you can survey the width and breadth of the leap you’ve taken. But it does mark a period of a release from the levels of consciousness which have held you hostage for most of your life.
You can repair wounded relationships by honestly listening to the needs of others. And you can facilitate healing within yourself through accepting your feelings and
needs without judgment. Avoid getting caught in the trap of rules and regulations that could stultify your growth. Cooperating with the law of the land is important, but more importantly, you’re finding the necessity of cooperation with the Laws of the Universe. Circumstances in which you’ve taken unnecessarily harsh or egotistical attitudes are likely to come back to haunt you now.
During this time, you need to maintain as much flexibility as possible to avoid getting stuck with someone else’s problems! The real temptation of 2018 comes from a long-lasting square from Jupiter to your Sun (until August). Although you may meet all the right people and reach out in many directions, many of these will not bear fruit. But the stimulation to get out of a rut and incorporate new ideas, better services, or enhanced products is generally worth the risk.
The most difficult aspect of this cycle involves the tendency to allow your ego to get out of control. You may discover the limits of your own power simply by abusing it. Lessons learned in this manner are rarely forgotten. You can experience far-reaching influence and general good fortune. Just keep in step with the rhythm of your heart and you’ll do fine.
l/you were born from January 6th-20th, you’re feeling a strong urge to express your creative energies in the outside world. Some of you will also feel the need to make radical changes in your sense of self (see Jan. 7th-14th below). You’re stimulated by Saturn’s transit in semi-sextile to your Sun which can be frustrating, but generally results in a period of marked accomplishment. You can make positive strides in establishing your expertise while setting up a sound base for financial success.
However, if you’ve been wasteful in utilizing your resources, this can also be a period of financial struggle, or at the least, frustration. Your issue is attached to making the most of what you’ve got—that includes all your resources (time, money, relationships, health, even ideas!)- With persistent effort, this can be a year of strengthening of self and appreciable accomplishment.
If you were bom from January 7th-14th, you’re experiencing the force of Uranus and Neptune exactly in conjunction to your Sun. It’s time to make a definitive state-ment about your identity, and to break away from the circumstances of your past which are preventing the self-realization you may crave.
If you’ve fallen victim to negative patterns in relationships, this can be a time of release and forgiveness, allowing you to gradually establish more healthy choices. This is a time ofrecovery and awareness.
But it’s also a period of imagination, hope and futuristic thinking. The limitations you were once willing to accept may seem completely unpalatable now. Your first choice of action may be to step into the abyss of the unknown completely unprepared (highly un-Capricornian!). By realizing that you can take many of your accomplishments from the past into your new reality, you may be less willing to jump off that cliff without your hang-gliding equipment.
Take a careful look within yourself. Your most powerful challenges come from beliefs about your worth and identity that you may be discovering to be untrue. This- type of awakening brings phenomenal change, and it can also bring great confusion. You may wonder who you are, where you’re heading and why the world seems to be such a different place.
It’s more than the changes you hear about in the news. You’re feeling the fundamental change that comes from accepting your destiny and taking it on under your terms while working in harmony with Higher Law. Be prepared for your own personal revolution. It might help if you offer a few hints to the other people involved in your life, since their support can be crucial to the quality of your life changes.
If you were born from January 13th-18th, you’re feeling the deeper level evolution which accompanies Pluto’s transit in sextile to your Sun. Through conscious choice, you can make this a period of marked growth on all levels. You’re eliminating the unnecessary, making the load much lighter. This can be a period of profound healing, physically and emotionally. Self-acceptance is enhanced by the support and caring you feel from your friends. You may also be attracted to political efforts or community activities. These can not only enhance your reputation, but may give you the opportunity to make your mark in history.

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