Horoscope Cancer 2018

Predictions Cancer 2018

This is the year to find out the best ways to utilize all your resources. You’re still making changes and moving into new forms of self-expression, but may find that the impact of your actions upon others is more noticeable now. Your security base is expanding, giving you a sense of greater freedom of expression. However, the features of many traditions which once guided you have been altered.
You may feel that the changing priorities of others in your life makes it difficult to keep your own priorities straight. By allowing yourself to move ahead with these changes, it’s possible that you’ll discover new pathways which would have been closed to you in the past.
Relationships are definitely a testing ground this year, but don’t have to bring impossible challenges. For the greater part of the year, you’re likely to feel that you do have more responsibilities because of the intimate ties in your life. But you’re also reaping the benefit of seeing more of yourself reflected through these contacts. This is the time to break out of your old pattern in all relationships.
If others have been taking unfair advantage, find ways to avoid falling into the trap of carrying their burdens for them. Working on co-dependency issues may be quite illuminating for you now. The true responsibility that you’re taking on supports your personal needs first. This is quite different from always keeping the others in your life happy while you suffer the consequences.
The Uranus/Neptune conjunctions this year are at 18 and 19 degrees of Capricorn. If you have any planets or the Sun or Moon from 13 to 24 degrees of Cancer, you’re definitely experiencing a special impact in your life from this powerful conjunction. This opposition aspect can stimulate you to break free of many of the traps you’ve fallen into throughout your life, giving you a chance to truly free yourself of outworn habits, attitudes or circumstances. But it’s also easy to find yourself feeling that your life is out of your control during this cycle. Circumstances may be changing without your consent, but you do have the right to respond to those changes as you wish. By choosing a response which brings you greater self-realization, you’ll find this to be a period of exceptional freedom and inspiration.
Jupiter’s transit in Libra through November 10th can bring quite a lesson in boundaries. You may feel that you’re needing more of everything, but are you really fulfilling a need or just a desire to shelter yourself from your fears? A careful look inside yourself can give you the answer. This is an excellent time to create a shelter of understanding and warmth through your family.
Extracting the elements of your upbringing which are still positive in your life allows you to appreciate the true value of improving upon tradition. If you’re thinking about moving, be clear about your motivations, since there’s a tendency to overextend in this area. Once Jupiter moves into Scorpio in November you may feel much more balanced about your choices, instead of just trying to prove something through indulging in extravagant luxuries you don’t even want.
The Eclipses of 2018 are definitely pointing to a need to work on yourself from the inside out. This is an exceptional time to advance your attitudes, especially those which stand in the way of your success and prosperity. Take a careful look at your relations with co-workers or peers, since there’s likely to be ample room for enrichment in this area. You may also be drawn to pay special attention to your health. It’s basically a question of developing a desire to care for yourself more effectively.
Evaluate your current nutritional needs in light of the stresses and strains you’re experiencing. You may need to boost your mineral intake, and might also find that you’re craving more exercise. The planet Mars transits in Cancer from January through the end of April. This can bring a powerful boost in your energy levels, getting your year off to a great start. But pay attention to your feelings of anger or frustration. Find good outlets to express these feelings rather than repress them. Otherwise, you may be experiencing negative confrontations with others during this period.
If your birth occurred from June 21 st-23rd, you’re experiencing two different Saturn aspects this year. The year begins with Saturn sesquiquadrate your Sun, challenging you to take conscious action to create a healthier lifestyle.
Chronic physical ailments can reach a point of frustration which stimulates you to look into the core of the problem and to work on it through bringing greater power over your own life. From late May until the end of June, Saturn travels in trine aspect to your Sun, giving you a good perspective on the best ways to use your talents. You may also experience improvements in your health, and have a good opportunity to set a firm foundation for your personal evolution.
If you were born from June 24th-28th you’ll need to keep your priorities in order to avoid overexerting yourself. The desire to have your dreams of the perfect home life fulfilled can overwhelm the reality of your life circumstances.
Certainly making things better is a positive goal, as long as your actions are not out of proportion with your abilities. You’re experiencing a long transit of Jupiter square your Sun throughout the spring and early summer, and may find it hard to say “no” to anything. However, for most of the year your self-concept is strong and you may find it much easier to express your personal identity.
For Cancerians born from June 28th-July 6th, this year can prove to be a difficult balancing act. You’ve been working hard on getting your finances in order, and may have had good success from your creative efforts in the last couple of years. But now you’re realizing that a number of changes are required in order to maintain or achieve the level of success you desire. Both Pluto and Saturn are transiting in sesquiquadrate to your Sun. Saturn’s cycle brings your relationship with society into a different focus. You may also find your personal relationships, particularly a partnership, to be trying.
You need a good outlet for self- expression without compromising your real needs. Communication of your needs is essential. Pluto’s cycle challenges you to act in a manner which will bring about a greater fulfillment of your desires. Rather than channeling your desires toward something outside yourself, try to remember that your ultimate desire brings you into greater harmony within yourself. Through this awareness, your creativity can open to a more richly expressive avenue.
If you were born from July 7th-15tn you’re ready for your own form of personal revolution.
The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune is opposing your Sun in 2018. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for some spectacular changes! If you’ve been wanting to move into a new direction, this is the perfect time to walk onto a different path. You may simply be ready to allow your real self to emerge after many years of repression. But it’s all too easy to fly into a situation for which you feel unprepared, only to discover that not only are you in foreign territory, but you’ve forgotten your manual.
Changes are practically inevitable during this cycle, and your best preparation is to maintain continual awareness of your inner self instead of trying to jump into every new situation which arises. Partners can be unpredictable, and you may feel that you don’t want anybody else cluttering your life with their needs. What’s really changing is the way you’re meeting your own needs. Outworn situations can dissolve. New opportunities can entice. It’s time to open your consciousness to a clear vision of what you are and to manifest that vision in harmony with your higher needs.
For those born from July 15th-21st, deeper levels of change are occurring in the heart of your being.
Pluto’s transit trines your Sun, intensifying your need to extract yourself from the barriers you’ve erected to protect your vulnerabilities. You might decide to sit back and watch the world change around you—which it will. But you have the power now to stand shoulder to shoulder with those people you’ve held in high regard. This is the time to use your influence to transform an ailing situation into a thriving one. But you’re feeling the frustration from Saturn quincunx your Sun, and may wonder if you have the energy to take the risk. Plant your feet firmly and reach as far as you can to make these changes.
You’re likely to find that the result is a truly evolutionary experience!
If you were born on July 22nd or 23rd you’re in a good cycle to let go of the elements from your past which you perceive to be blocking your progress. Be especially mindful of your obligations this year, since this is a cycle leading to a number of endings and completions. You’re preparing for future growth, but must tend to your current obligations before moving ahead. It’s time to enjoy a positive sense of Self.

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