Horoscope Aquarius 2018

Predictions Aquarius 2018

Through consistent focus on your goals and support of your own ideals, you may find this year to be one of landmark significance in your personal and professional growth. You’re clearing away the barrier of outers’ expectations in favor of finding your own path toward accomplishment. Responsibilities cannot always be chosen, but you may find it easier to accept those which are required of you. Many of the changes in the world around you can create options you had not previously considered. But you can also instigate your own changes which result in exceptional rewards for your efforts.
Many of the processes which spur you to bring changes are a result of a shift in consciousness. Your inner experiences can become a rich source of inspiration and hope, and it is through an awakening to a different view of your inner self that you find the courage to make the external changes you desire. The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune stimulates wide-ranging changes politically and economically during 2018.
But your experience of letting go of the outworn or repressive attitudes from your past signifies the personal impact you feel from this energy. Many of the structures that once supported your lifestyle may no longer be functioning, or you may find that you no longer need them. If s tempting to use past support systems as a crutch, but the challenge now is to walk with freedom and confidence under your own support.
The Solar Eclipses of the year provide an interesting backdrop, since you’re moving into a greater awareness of the importance of building a firm foundation through your creative efforts. Become aware of those whom you hold as mentors, since you may find that your own path may be obscured by holding on to their image as the only way to accomplish your aims. Or, you may feel that you cannot fully express your individuality without dishonoring their teaching.
You can still keep these individuals in a place of honor and respect, but not to the exclusion of your own personal truth. You’re also beginning to see your family and roots in a different light, and may be formulating your own structure for security from the fragments of your past. There is a powerful dynamic operating which may bring strong images into your dreams, but can also generate exceptional messages from your everyday existence. Watch for the signals that confirm the directions you’re choosing.
Jupiter’s cycle in Libra stimulates tremendous hope for you this year. Your horizons are opening to broader views, and you may feel that you need to reach out and ask more from life. Travel, study, writing and sharing ideas can bring satisfaction and may also give you the impetus you need to expand your career. Your confidence can be helpful in stabilizing your long-range goals. But in asking more from the Universe, remain grateful for your gifts. You can build on this strong foundation, but need to avoid taking unnecessary advantage of your good fortune through waste or disregard of others.
Chiron’s transit in 2018 challenges you to become more aware of the way you relate to others. You may discover that you’ve left yourself open to psychological injury through your old pattern of relating. If you’ve had problems with co-dependency issues, these become apparent to you, giving you a chance to recover from this form of self-abuse. There’s a tendency to become either repelled by others who are wounded or hypnotically drawn to them during this cycle. It may be time to reach out and help.
But you cannot be of service if you’re compromising your own needs in favor of the desires of another. True altruism is rare, since motivations are often more self- serving than restorative. But if you do hear the call to help, be honest about the reasons behind your actions.
If you were born from January 20th-24th, you’re in a good position to build on your previously established circumstances. The responsibilities you’ve taken on during the last two years may be operating more smoothly. Use this year to extend your special talents and develop the skills and contacts necessary to take advantage of your best attributes. Take careful steps forward during the summer months, when you may need to reorganize or shift your focus. Your greatest challenge to your commitment may arrive this fall, when Jupiter’s square to your Sun tempts you to overextend.
If you were born from January 25th-29th you’re in a positive cycle of expansion and growth from April through August. These are excellent months to teach, write or travel. Jupiter’s trine to your Sun can bring the blessing of contentment, but you may also feel a lack of motivation to move forward. By taking advantage of this time and reaching beyond your previous limitations, you can make significant headway in realizing your goals and achieving success.
For those born from January 27th-February 4th, this year marks a period of consistent self-focus.
Although you have made important choices in the past, you may not feel that you have to take any definitive steps to make changes in your sense of self. The lack of outside interference may be a welcome relief after several years of questioning and conflict. But if you utilized the energy of Saturn’s transit last year to stabilize, then you can enjoy calmer waters during 2018.
If you were born from February 5th-11th, you’re feeling some internal friction, and may fed like it’s time to do some inner housecleaning. This can be a time of definitive stability in your work and sense of self while Saturn completes its conjunction to your Sun. But you’re experiencing the jolt of energy from Uranus and Neptune cycling in semi-sex tile to your Sun. Many of your unconscious mechanisms may be more apparent to you now, making this an excellent time for psychological analysis or other forms of inner work. But you cannot remain comfortable simply staying on an interior level.
You need to find an outlet which expresses your newly found sense of freedom. It’s time to try your wings, but not from heights that would inhibit your first steps. Working from surroundings which feel familiar or comfortable will give you the confidence to take a different approach. Begin at an inner level, visualizing the effect of the changes you’re considering before you actualize them. Once you’ve entered your new environment, your old support systems may simply inhibit your efforts. By releasing the things from the past you no longer need, this can be a time to inner joy and strong accomplishment.
For those born from February 10th-20th, this year marks a period of powerful completion and exceptional transformational change.
You’re experiencing the stabilization and challenge of Saturn conjuncting your Sun, but you’re also feeling the tension from Pluto‘s square to your Sun if you were born from February 11 th-17th.
At no other time in your life have you felt such a need to break free and become your true self. And you’re facing fears and feelings which have been such long-time companions that you may not have recognized their negative effects.
Relationships, especially with parents and authorities, can be exceedingly frustrating. You can no longer satisfy another’s demands if they mean compromising your integrity or inhibiting your true creative self-expression.
The most difficult aspect of this cycle is the sense of vulnerability you may feel. You’re looking at the reflection of your life and facing yourself squarely. You may not like what you see. But Aquarius may also find that you prefer the image of your true self to the image you’ve maintained for too long.
This cycle challenges you to become completely honest with yourself. You’re learning to examine your motivations and answer only to the desires which take you into positive evolutionary change. Your health may become an issue if you’ve ignored your physical needs.
But if you’ve been caring for yourself, then this can be the time when solutions to chronic problems emerge, allowing you greater freedom and stronger vitality. Not only are you taking on greater responsibilities during this period, but you’re also eliminating the liabilities which have kept you from reaching your goals. Old patterns in relationships that have compromised your needs may no longer work, since you’re becoming more honest about what you will or will not do to maintain.
Circumstances which are no longer useful to your growth are dying, and you’re reaching an end to those situations.
From an emotional standpoint, this can be a period of grieving for the losses. Even though you may be able to see the positive reasons for endings, a process of grief is likely to accompany the change. By acknowledging this process and making space to let go, this can be a period of exceptional healing, restoration and rebirth.

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