Venus, planet of Love

astrologyIn mythology Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, mother of Eros. To the Greeks she was known as Aphrodite. Representing the female principle, Venus harmonizes and creates unity as well as imparting an appreciation of nature and art.
Psychologically, Venus represents the drive to relate to others, the expression of loving feelings, and what brings pleasure. Venus is popular, charming, and alluring, although possibly a little too indulgent or easygoing. Attempting to avoid confrontation at all costs, Venus will attempt to neutralize a threat by captivating or seducing the opposition.
Because Venus’s function is to bring union, attraction plays a strong part in its role, with an emphasis on outward appearance, sociability, romantic love, and the opposite sex.
The planet Venus imparts a sweetness of character, an appreciation of nature, and strong desires. Venus also softens anything it touches, and gives an aesthetic sense or good taste, natural refinement, and a talent for art and music. Governing what you value, Venus also reveals attitudes toward money and possessions, as well as self-worth. Venus rules the signs of both Taurus and Libra.
• Positive: love of beauty and art, warmth, sociability, sense of values, cooperation.
• Negative: pleasure seeking, overindulgence, idleness, luxury.

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