Uranus: break with tradition and the beginning of something new.



The ancient Greek name for Uranus was Heaven or Night Sky, and in mythology Uranus was the father of Saturn. The vastness of the heavens symbolizes our ability to open our minds to the universal. Uranus brings enlightenment and freedom of spirit by breaking away from the restriction and safety of Saturn. This kind of freedom involves leaving a space in our life for the unexpected, or daring to express our own individuality despite the pressures of conformity.
If we push this too far, however, we are in danger of becoming rebellious for the sake of rebellion.
Psychologically, through Uranus we can widen our point of view to the universal and comprehend humankind as a family of brothers and sisters.
Uranus is willing to fight for human rights and the freedom to express oneself.
Uranus governs electrical energy of all types: television and radio waves, magnetic fields, lasers, computers, and new electronic technology. Always looking to the future and being able to think in a symbolic and abstract way, Uranus represents intuition and inventiveness. This usually means being ahead of society as a whole and expressing oneself in an individualistic or unconventional fashion. Uranus rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius.
• Positive: freedom, humanitarianism, detachment, objectivity.
• Negative: rebellion, eccentricity, revolutionary tendencies, obstinacy.

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