Neptune: Planet of Illusion



In mythology, Neptune is god of the sea, deep, unfathomable, and mysterious. Just as the ocean can dissolve rocks into sand, so Neptune can slowly and subtly dissolve the barriers the ego creates, releasing us into mystical experience. The mists that hang over the seashore are analogous to the mists that surround this planet, where nothing is solid and everything is illusionary and enigmatic.
Psychologically, Neptune’s function is to help us transcend our limitations by refining and purifying our emotional nature.
Unlike Saturn, it knows no boundaries and feels a sense of oneness with all things. However, this ability to blend with everything can also give a sense of vagueness.
The extreme sensitivity to everything, indicated by Neptune’s influence, can confer great compassion for the suffering of mankind.
It also brings the ability to lose oneself in inspired creative endeavors such as art, music, or drama. Neptune can give an artist the inspiration and imagination for what is possible.
With heightened perception and imagination it can be easy to escape into a world of fantasy, abuse drugs or alcohol, or indulge in self-deception and become lost or confused. Working positively with Neptune means holding the vision of our ideal in order to fulfill our dreams. Neptune rules the zodiac sign of Pisces.
• Positive: sensitivity, vision, compassion, inspiration, transcendence.
• Negative: illusion, deception, escapism, confusion, vagueness.

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