In mythology Mercury is the messenger of the gods, who gave man language and the capacity to communicate and learn. To the Greeks Mercury was known as Hermes, whose gifts to humankind were writing and language.
Mercury has a talent for rhetoric and mental trickery, a reflection of the ability to develop the conscious mind until we become a little too clever for our own good.
Although usually portrayed as a youthful male figure, Mercury is neither male nor female. This is symbolic of its role as a neutral medium for the exchange of information. Mercury represents intellectual, rational thinking and discriminative powers, and is also linked to commerce and the marketplace.
Psychologically, Mercury represents mental ability and the need to comprehend and communicate, whether through speech, writing, teaching, or any other form of mental expression. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo.
• Positive: cleverness, mental agility, good communication skills, intellectualism.
• Negative: trickiness, weak intellect or overdevelopment of the intellect, lack of logic.

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