Mars, the planet of war

In mythology, Mars is the warrior god. Mars governs our survival instinct, whether we fight or flee. The antithesis of Venus, Mars represents the male principle and is competitive, assertive, and ready for action. Mars is full of energy and drive.
Showing courage and dynamic forcefulness when facing adversaries, Mars is also associated with the hero archetype. Martian qualities are often associated with acts of bravery and indicate a daredevil mentality. In modern life we may use Mars’s energy to push ahead in our careers, accomplish our aims and objectives, or make a stand for our convictions.
As the Mars function concerns our will to survive, it is related to the release of adrenaline in our bodies and the ability to react quickly.
In excess, the same energies that provide assertiveness and help us fight can also be expressed through bad temper, anger, aggression, and impatience. Without Mars, however, we would not have dynamism, vigor, initiative, or the driving force to achieve our ambitions through our own efforts. Mars governs the sign of Aries.
• Positive: assertiveness, courage, dynamism, action, vigor.
• Negative: aggression, violence, coarse behavior, anger, restlessness.

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