Leo character

Your personality Leo, has the rare mixture of an aristocratic bearing using the capability to command respect and also the capacity to love deeply. A few of you could possibly rank with all the leaders with the planet. You will be independent and forceful. You are the kind to kind the backbone on the country; you may have a keen sense of stability and preservation.
You might have noble qualities and are heroic and generous. There is no ill will inside the Leo nature and absolutely nothing tiny and petty, either. You will be kind-hearted, and in no way do anything sordid or low, even though you are outspoken when you have occasion to be.
You ordinarily mature early and attack the problems of life with zest and enthusiasm. Leo would be the sign of sports, entertainment and each type of pleasure. Everything connected with Leo is massive, fulsome and generous.
By nature you are authoritative and commanding. You wish to be at the head of things, to turn out to be the boss, for you personally sense your importance as a leader and feel which you have exceptional organizing powers and ingenuity. This really is right, and also you are certainly constructive and inventive.
You are frank, broad minded and just. In the same time, you might have fixed suggestions and can be dogmatic about them. You happen to be typically hugely strung and might have a fast temper on occasion, but on the complete you’ve a placid nature as well as your terrible moods rarely final for extended.
There’s no doubt about your dramatic talents, for you are a born actor and showman. There is also a poetic side for your nature. You enjoy beauty and splendor and any kind of show.
Other people soon understand that that you are susceptible to flattery, and in some cases when they “lay it on thick” you only feel it your fair share, for you personally have a pretty superior opinion of yourself. This will not mean you happen to be vain, it reveals your consciousness of your own superiority.
In the very same time, you resent persons persistently asking you for one thing; the truth is you openly dislike their creating any demand upon you.
You like to map out your own personal life irrespective of other individuals. You could come to be frustrated waiting for other people to produce a move, for you personally are to a particular extent dependent on what they do.