Cancer character

Of all men and women you are one of the most moody, sensitive and impressionable; Cancer may be really timid and are often helpless. As a rule you might be very responsive, full of sympathy for suffering or misfortune and exceptionally generous. In the same time, you will be often taken advantage of mainly because you discover it hard to refuse assistance.
In case your temper is aroused, you usually do not keep angry for long or harbor a grudge; should you be hurt, you could be incredibly sharp. Because you feel you happen to be weak, you may adopt a second nature as protection then you usually prove rough, energetic and dictatorial, bluffing other individuals into submission. You have great tenacity of purpose and when your thoughts becomes set, you stick to a position or concept with terrific persistence.

Cancer might be typically moody and often morbid, and you are prone to sensationalism. There is a danger of moral weakness simply because of this extremely active instinct for the sensational. You may dramatize the tiny things that upset you emotionally, for you personally are susceptible to outside influences. You will be encouraged by kindness and appreciate a pat on the back. Criticism may cause you to climb into your shell and could contribute to an inferiority complex. For the reason that you happen to be effortlessly influenced, you pay far a lot of focus to what people may say. You worry about what other people say and do and about what you feel may be said behind your back.
Your love for dwelling is certainly one of your chief qualities. You take pleasure in all types of alterations and are in a position to adapt your self to them effortlessly. You’re naturally standard and conservative in the very best sense, despite the fact that you’re nevertheless considering all which is new. That is certainly one of the contrasts inside your nature, of which there are plenty of. Your memory is usually prepared to take you back into the previous, in which you reside, whilst you might be often inclined to regard the future with anxiety and misgiving.

The maternal side of the nature is extremely strong. Ladies born in Cancer are extremely motherly as well as the Cancer born man has some thing maternal about him. He’s invariably gentle and sort and a single feels the urge to confide one’s secrets and worries to him.
You are going to forgive pretty much something, but it is not a great idea for other people to hurt your feelings. Although you will be vain for the extent which you attach much value to your appearance, your vanity is much more of your mind. You do not like others to believe you stupid but, if they do, it is actually important to you that they usually do not show it. They need to spare your feelings, for you have unusual intuition and sense what’s behind their words.
You will be fond of music and are fundamentally deeply religious. Your love for the secret and mysterious is quite great. Inwardly you will be afraid of it and fear that it could possibly influence you as well strongly. Even so, you’ve got an urge to delve into it and satisfy your curiosity.